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No surveillance located in and around the Riviera Pier.
It doesn’t’ take a genius to figure out that the central gem of all of Lake Geneva, the Riviera Pier Complex, has no camera coverage. Should cameras be installed? What is it that might be discovered if surveillance was set up to keep an eye on this part of the town? Three weeks ago two of the Gage Marine boats were broken into and damaged, in one night. Was this an act of vandalism or is there something deeper going on? Nothing went missing. Does someone have something against Gage Marine, and what about the security of regular citizens who might be in the area taking an evening stroll in the heat of the summer nights?


Time safe. The innocent, little, local and painful drug store.
What’s going on? Pain, you ask? Well, it seems that in the name of ridding the culture of heroin, wrong-headed members of the medical community have decided to go to war against anything using opium as its foundational ingredient. What does that mean to the public? That massive part of the public that’s not now nor ever been a drug addict, much less seen or known anything about heroin? It means that the local drug store near you is now going to “time delay” safes in their establishments. On that rare (hopefully) occasion in your life when you are forced to get a prescription for pain medication (like hydrocodone) it will probably be opium-based.

Opium-based drugs are about the only ones that really work for serious pain. If you are in fairly significant pain, you go to the doctor or ER and wait there. Finally, you get treated. You get the prescription and drive to the drug store. You wait to file the prescription. You wait for it to be filled. You wait in line to pay. And then you get the news. Your opium-based hydrocodone has been placed in a time safe and you can only have it after the safe opens itself. How long will that be? They won’t tell you, except to say it could take half an hour. You sit there. You wait out the time safe, having no clue as to why you are being forced to go through the misery you are in for any longer than you have to. Finally, you get the bottle, open the non-tamper top, knock down the pharmacist and drain his or her blood to wash down the medication! What’s going on today? More and more it seems like the patient’s well-being and comfort simply don’t matter anymore.


Not Surprising is the Grandest Place

Safari Lake Geneva

Safari Lake Geneva is just what it says it is, a safari. Safari Lake Geneva opened last weekend and is located at W1612 Litchfield Road, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This is a hands on safari with a guided tour aboard their special safari vehicle. This is an new and welcomed adventure for Lake Geneva, and is a wilderness experience to remember. You can set up tours and purchase tickets on line at 262-326-4318. Go see “Jungle Jay,” a real safari guy among us.

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