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Liz Chappell and Ms. Cindy Flower stood their ground.
Mr. Doug Skates came in to help them. It was all about the city’s medial insurance plan for employees. The plan, as it exists today, is a very well and economically run self-insurance scheme. The plan is also a wonderful motivator for the city to attract and keep high quality employees. Utah Blaine, the Lake Geneva City Administrator, somehow came up with a bizarre idea to scrap this great effective plan and replace it with a co-pay plan that would have cost the city half its employees. Why Blaine had this weak moment in his normally rational tenure nobody knows. Mayor Kupsik stepped in and vetoed the change, and became a Christmas hero to the employees and those in the city who really appreciate the work those employees do.

After the veto the plan came up before the city council again. There was no plan to cover January through March, while a revamping of the existing plan is going on. The agenda for Monday night’s meeting was a slippery trick to get the employees to contribute to their own insurance. Because of Liz Chappel, and with the support of  Cindy Flower and Doug Skates, the employees will only have to pay a hundred and forty dollars extra a month for their medical insurance, instead of having a big surcharge added for family protection that Mr. Potter (Kordus) and Mr. Hedlund (Mr. Potter’s assistant) proposed. The employees will take this new hit in January so it should not ruin their Christmas season, unless they think and worry about what amounts to a pay decrease when they go to sleep on Christmas Eve.


Holiday Cheer.
The GSR is hosting its annual Christmas Party, Thursday, December 21st from 5:30pm at 281 Sheridan Springs Road, Lake Geneva. Everyone is invited to join the Geneva Shore Report staff, friends, and family for some great holiday fun. Plenty of Christmas treats and  goodies for all to enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bentley and the Challenge

Bentley the Norwegian Forest Cat

This cat is looking down at his unopened Christmas gift. How long can it last?

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