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“The Riviera” is Lake Geneva’s landmark, not any city administration’s landmark.
It was built by and paid for by the residents, not the city’s administration. The Riviera is a landmark symbol of how, in adverse times, the people (the Lake Geneva community) during the great depression were able to gather together and unite for the common good and benefit of all those in the area. They built a place where they could meet and gather together. If only everyone had that spirit today. The city and the nation would not be so divided on issues that have solutions but are not possible because they require cooperation, not victory or defeat. Actions that agree with reality, but are done without compassion, can be cruel and inhumane, and actions that agree with compassion and empathy, but ignore reality, can also be destructive.

The name of this anchor property is “The Riviera” and not Riviera. The “The” is an important show of respect for the uniqueness of the building and the American Spirit that built it. A spirit everyone could use today. Now, the question is “what should be done with The Riviera?” It is a landmark that needs to be repaired and maintained from the foundation to the roof, but not changed or converted for another purpose. It needs to remain as a landmark place where anyone can go and where special events can be held. That is what it was, is, and should be for today, tomorrow and the future.


Riviera Renovation.
The Riviera pier complex has been the talk around Lake Geneva for some time and still, no commitment has been made regarding the renovation of this historic landmark. The city is working with the MSI General consulting experts to help draw in locals and gain insight into plans for the Riviera Complex. The next step into the decision-making process is to encourage as many residents as possible to provide their input, to voice their thoughts, and share dreams for the historic Riviera. A survey has been put together and will be available until mid-January. You can pick up and drop off your completed survey at City hall lobby, Geneva Lake Museum, Simple Cafe, and the Lake Geneva Library.

An online survey is also available on the City of Lake Geneva Website or at If you are interested in more information or have questions regarding the Riviera Renovation Project, David Nord Lake Geneva’s City Administrator is the guy to contact. He can be reached at 262-248-3673.

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