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The “bloody” snow is not being removed from downtown Lake Geneva sidewalks:  
There’s no blood, the term bloody being borrowed from a British epithet, but there’s the continuing problem of merchants being required to somehow keep their storefront sidewalks clear of snow. The city of Lake Geneva plows the streets and some of the snow they plow gets pushed back onto the city sidewalks. Then there’s the problem of stores closed for the winter and those shops operated by people not physically capable of shoveling anything. Lake Geneva has a full staff of street department workers and all the snow removal equipment necessary to clean city sidewalks. Some of the sidewalks, those on municipal property like in front of the city hall, are plowed anyway. Why can’t this service be extended to all downtown sidewalks? The merchants get ticketed if they don’t remove the snow from their sidewalks in a timely manner after a snowfall. The issuance of these tickets needs to end, and the merchants of Lake Geneva need to be treated with the respect and thanks they deserve for doing their part to make Lake Geneva all that it is. City Administrator Utah Blaine needs to step in and mandate snow removal procedures to clean all downtown city sidewalks after a snowfall. There’s no need for the BID, Chamber, City Council or Utility Department to be involved at all.
Can such quick, clean and efficient governmental action be taken in a small town government rife with layered fiefdom bureaucracy?
The answer is up to Lake Geneva’s determined and steady straight arrow, that the GSR calls Utah Blaine.


Happy New Year


Advent Trees Lake Geneva 2015

The last of the Advent trees went up on Christmas Eve and the five trees will remain lit until after the New Year rings in on Friday morning. The trees have meaning, although the meaning isn’t entirely laid out in Catholic dogma. The deeper meaning is all about caring, compassion and love. Happy New Year!


Harvey the Cat

Harvey, the Geneva Shore Report alley, office and outdoor predator retreats to his armoir lair to contemplate those who supposedly own and care for him. By his look you can see for yourself that he’s merely a lap cat in disguise. The disguise, however, is a very good and potentially painful one.


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