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Have outdoor Ice Castles been built this far south before, and when will Lake Geneva’s Ice Castle open?
The closest to this area was in the Wisconsin Dells. The one in the Dells did not open until January 13, although it, like the one in Lake Geneva, had been listed as being on track to open in December. Then, after opening on the 13th, the castle closed on January 18 due to warm weather, but it did reopen a few days later and remained open for about a month. Since the City of Lake Geneva is located about 65 miles south of the Wisconsin Dells, one would expect the weather to be a couple of degrees warmer.

The opening day for the Ice Castle in Lake Geneva has yet to be determined (approximated to be the day after Christmas), and the sale of tickets though available online now, will not occur at the castle before the opening day is finally announced. However, anyone can buy $15 non-refundable presale coupon codes that will be good for any age, any day or time slot, once (if) the castle is open. When they become available, purchasers will receive an email and can redeem coupon codes for tickets – tickets for a date and time window. It is requested that people arrive within the 30-minute time window. Once inside the castle, revelers can stay as long as they like. Ticket sales are final, but ticket dates and times may be changed as long as changes are made at least 24 hours in advance and openings are available. Standby tickets are not guaranteed. Purchaser’s risk not being able to enter if they do not have a pre-paid ticket with a time window.

What happens to a non-refundable ticket, if the Ice Castle is closed during the time window? It happened in the Dells. It is a special concern for those who could not reschedule a new time. Before buying a $15 non-refundable presale coupon you might take the time to actually read the ‘waiver of legal rights’ part before just checking the little box that says to accept it.


From our cold dead fingers
Wisconsin Republicans, gerrymandered into power, and now holding on by their fingernails, as the public has grown ever more disgusted with them and most of their policies, are attempting to water down the normal governmental powers of the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general.  That such behavior should occur at all, in a state that bowed down to every bit of the last Republican governor’s antics, should come as no surprise to Wisconsinites and other citizens across this nation.  Wisconsin, once the bastion of labor-favoring, agriculturally advanced, and quality education centers, fallen to restrictive and ever more deceptively backward policies of current political leadership, reels as it struggles to stay somehow at the balance point of the three bodies of government invented and intended to keep it democratic in nature and application.  What will happen if the highly Republican House and Senate of the state are successful in limiting executive powers?  Will the coming executive officials fire back, as the powers of those offices are fairly extensive when it comes to also limit the capability of both the House and Senate to meet, come to decisions or even park near the capital building in January?  What happens to the citizenry, as this new ‘open warfare’ kind of action takes place?  How is it that the fighting for political position in Madison has almost completely replaced any kind of care or work on behalf of the citizenry?

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