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Those pesky Lutherans over at that evangelical (that means come join us or we’ll come get you) church on the Bypass are on the move.
It appears that John Ivan, the long time and much beloved music director at the church, was fired for checking out a financial account kept by the church. That he had allegedly started this account himself years ago seemed to not matter. John Ivan’s sister was pretty upset by his abrupt termination, especially after the church received a $40,000 contribution to buy a new Steinway piano for him to use. She writes on Facebook: “To my friends at Immanuel Lutheran Church…I wanted you to know my brother John has been fired from Immanuel church because he was accused of “stealing” a password for a program he set up years ago… a program that since its start he has been an administrator on, and a program of which he has always been allowed to send emails. John went to send a group email pertaining to upcoming cantata rehearsals and couldn’t get in, so as he’s done in the past took the proper steps to recover the password. Immanuel friends, I urge you greatly to QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! Watch these pastors, especially Martha. She was out for John since he questioned her authority. John has been a DEDICATED SERVANT of Immanuel for 22 years and after this woman comes to “reign” within 6 months, 2 people quit and JOHN GETS FIRED!!! Question your council. Question everything. Demand to see where YOUR MONEY goes… Don’t allow them to drag John through the mud. He has a right to be treated fairly and I assure you, he was not. This Sunday is a HUGE vote for your future… I suggest finding the right people to fill vacant council spots. Since I will most likely not see most of you anymore, unless you’re at Walmart, I wish you the best. Good luck and God Bless you.”

Another Facebook post came went up recently, sent in by some of John’s church friends currently abroad: “Charlotte & I have watched attendance at the 9:45 service continue to drop Sunday after Sunday, and now without John? Unfortunately, we are out of the country now and will not be there to see who attends this Sunday, but I am betting (not a good Christian practice) it will be down substantially. No John, No Rick and Charlotte.” The Gunderson’s took a back exit from Faith last year, and it’s fairly safe to now come to think that devastation has been strewn across the heaving and quivering masses left adrift inside that beautiful structure, since their passing.

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