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Lake Geneva alluvial sand analysis, first round.
This would be referencing the sand dug out from the foundation pit where the new Oakfire Restaurant foundations are going in on Wrigley Drive. The results of the initial lab analysis, raw copy: “Ten grams of the sand sample were dissolved in 100 ml of 4 N HCl (hydrochloric acid) then diluted to 500 ml. The sample was filtered, and the filtered material weighed to determine how much silica sand was present. Although this un-dissolved material was not analyzed, it was assumed to be silica. It could also contain aluminum and other “clay” type constituents. For the purposes of this test anything that did not dissolve in HCl was considered “silica”. The dissolved sand sample was then titrated to determine calcium and magnesium content. The magnesium number is really the total hardness due to compounds other than calcium. Since strontium and iron are most likely very low, the whole amount was assumed to be magnesium. The PH of the dissolved sand sample was then increased to 4.0 by addition of 1 N NaOH (sodium hydroxide). This adjusted sample was then tested for iron, copper and phosphorous using a HACH 2000 Spectrophotometer.”

The following chart gives parts per million (ppm) results:


Magnesium 2,397
Silica 20,553
Iron 25
Copper 36
Phosphorous 37

Initially, not yet having expert conclusion yet available, it would appear that the deep Lake Geneva sand has an extremely high silica content, and a very low magnesium content. The initial amateur conclusion is that this sample indicates a formation of lake sand that is very old and very pure. More numbers and conclusions to follow.

Grandest Place of the Week

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