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Sabai Sabai owners were shocked and confused when their application for a liquor license was denied.
The last Finance, Licensing, and Regulation meeting went into closed session regarding Sampson Enterprise LLC. Aka, Carvetti’s, Northsider’s or whatever they call themselves these days. The closed session reopened with no action taken at this time. Northsider’s has held a liquor license for years and the past few years are in question as they have not noticeably been open however they claim to be open just enough to be in compliance with the rules to continue to hold a liquor license. Lake Geneva city officials have questioned Carvetti’s now Northsider’s compliance several times at different meetings and it looks like they are getting serious about it being returned. Lake Geneva has only one liquor license available at this time and a few different businesses have applied for it with no luck. The city may have one being returned very soon as the Red Geranium has closed and the owners sold the property without the license. Liquor licenses are a hot commodity and with only one available right now, the city can’t let it just go, or at least they would not let it go to the wonderful owners of Sabai Sabai for any good reason that can be imagined.



The Bottle Shop will be hosting a chili cook-off on Sunday, February 16th.
The cook-off is to help raise money for VetsRoll, which is a program that provides veterans with the opportunity to travel by motorhome or bus to visit Washington D.C. There are two ways you can show your support, and those are by entering your own chili for fans to sample or come to taste the chili and vote for your favorite one. The cost is $25 to enter a chili offering or $8 for an adult and $4 for a child to sample the entries. The event is being held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and all proceeds will go directly to VetsRoll.  The GSR will be entering its very, very secret Green Bay Packers Training Camp Chili (classified recipe by the Catholic Norbertine Order in DePere) in this contest, not hoping to win, but hoping to make a lot of Wisconsinites smile with delight.
No, you don’t get the recipe, just the chili.


Happy Valentine’s Day!
February 14th, once a celebration of the Christian Saint Valentinus, has become what we know as Valentine’s Day. During the Middle Ages, when courtly love was flourishing, this wonderful day became associated with romantic love. Valentine’s Day has evolved into a day of flowers, chocolates, cards, and many other expressions of love. Not everyone enjoys this day. Some people feel the holiday has turned into a corporate holiday and have turned a bit cynical on the idea, while some insist on being showered with all that it means and sharing it with others. Yes, love should be expressed every day, but it can be fun to have a special day that highlights it. The idea is to make a point to let those you love and care about know that they are appreciated on Valentine’s Day and every day.

If you are looking for an idea, Kilwin’s does an amazing job for Valentine’s Day. They make terrific treats with heart-shaped boxes made out of chocolate filled with chocolate, and delicious chocolate-covered strawberries can be ordered ahead of time or purchased the day, while supplies last. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, did we say chocolate? Enjoy this day of love.

If you are more into flowers, there are several options: Lilypots, Tommi’s Garden and Bloom, Pesche’s, and of course the Piggly Wiggly floral has wonderful flowers at a wonderful price.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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