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The purpose of the city’s Comprehensive Plan is to enable residents to organize and control the development in and around their city. To enable the comprehensive plan to do that, each parcel of land is given a current and a future “Land Use Category”.

The existing (current) “Land Use Category” both permits and restricts how that land may be used today and the “Future Use” indicates how the city would like it to be used in the future, which opens the door to that use if the property owner so desires. Since the state of Wisconsin passed some new zoning related statutes almost all proposed developments that meet the zoning requirements for a parcel’s “Land Use Category” are assured approval. This means the real value of the comprehensive plan is its ability to restrict and limit the use of a parcel of land to those uses under its “Land Use” categories.

There are multiple issues with Draft #3 of the comprehensive plan, as written by Vandewalle & Associates. The issue is not with Vandewalle & Associates unless any of the changes and recommendations within the plan were not approved or authorized by the plan commission.  Found on Page 92, under “Recommended Zoning” there was a recommendation to add a new zoning classification of a “recreation business zoning district”. Was this recommendation added with or without an authorized approval (If authorized, who authorized it?)?

The intent of that classification is to likely enable the closing down of Wrigley Drive and converting that area and the square city block next to the beach and Riviera into a resort complex. Unless there is common council approval, Vandewalle & Associates should not be making suggestions within the city’s comprehensive plan – It is not their comprehensive plan – it is Lake Geneva’s comprehensive plan. All recommendations that Vandewalle & Associates make to or about the city’s comprehensive plan should not be within the comprehensive plan but presented to the city as an external and separate document.

Person of the Week

Joe Zimmer of Lake Geneva

Joe Zimmer is one of the Great Lake Geneva residents who cares enough to advocate for the future of the city. He took the time to read the comprehensive plan draft, took six pages of notes, and researched questionable items. Great job Joe!


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