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Cocoa Crawl does over-the-top business during this year’s Winterfest.
The fourth annual Cocoa Crawl was a phenomenal success! Organizers had a record thirty-six participating businesses. Having two starting points this year, at both Frank’s and the Bottle Shop, helped alleviate some of the crowding and kept things flowing smoothly so everyone could have a good time. An amazing one thousand participants joined the crawl, and eight hundred received giveaways, both of which beat all previous records. Businesses were kept busy handing out over five hundred treats at their stores, while people continued on the route to sample more goodies and ultimately vote for their favorite treat. This has been such a huge success in Lake Geneva that communities from around the nation have reached out for advice on starting their own cocoa crawls. Since the Lake Geneva Cocoa Crawl has been received with so much enthusiasm and support, the city is considering adding a Wine Walk during more temperate months of the year.

Riviera Renovation Project

Riviera renovation project lake Geneva

The latest advertised name for the Riviera Pier redevelopment.


Small town events.
With the recent snow accumulation and frigid well below zero temperatures, it is hard to believe that the spring and summer seasons are just up ahead. Let’s warm up a bit and talk about the upcoming seasons. Lake Geneva thrives during the warm weather months and preparing for these seasons can never start too soon. There are plenty of great events held annually in and around Lake Geneva:

  • Venetian Fest (which has fireworks just not on or for the fourth) being the star of the show;
  • We can not forget about the wonderful Art In The Park
  • Restaurant Week Lake Geneva
  • Taste of Lake Geneva and many other different craft, artisan, and farmers markets.

None of these great events falls on the July 4th weekend, though. Currently, Lake Geneva does not shoot off fireworks (all the other surrounding communities have firework displays). Lake Geneva has never had a 4th of July fireworks display, but that is about to change. The only celebration is a parade hosted by the American Legion in town. And unfortunately, the route the parade takes goes off on a couple side streets, so often not many people get to see it. The Sons of the American Legion want to inject size, vigor and a new route into the parade. At present, the kids are the only participants with very elaborate decorations on their personal bikes, scooters, or other wheeled forms of transportation. The goal is to inspire groups and businesses to participate.

Why don’t they already march or enter floats? Did the riots in Lake Geneva that occurred every July 4th from 1965-1970 leave Lake Geneva burned, and a bit reluctant to get people excited or riled up on the fourth? Enough time should have passed, and the fourth of July needs to be a “Big” celebration in Lake Geneva, once again. Bridget Leech, with the BID, is exploring this issue. Why and why not?  The BID is all about what’s good for both business and the community, and “events” are good for both, and Bridget knows that. She is on the case and wants to bring on all the fun an ‘all-American small-town parade and celebration can generate.

Great idea and very doable. Let’s make it happen!

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