Most members of the general public have no voice. Then the Internet came along and allowed individuals to have a very tiny limited voice. The social media sites make sure no one person reaches too many people, except the owners of the site. That’s all part of the human condition. The competition in everything is as extreme as it is secretly lied about. I have a marginally larger voice, although still very limited and small, because I run a weekly newspaper and that newspaper goes online, outside the social media platforms as well as within them. I have been writing about Foxconn in my little local newspaper, and on the Internet, ever since the inception of the supposed business deal two years ago, but there is no audience significant enough to have any effect, with respect to the things I’ve said or the dire predictions I’ve offered.

I said in the beginning that the concept of an Asian company coming to the U.S. to build stuff they were already quite successfully building in Asia was not viable. To pay them to come here to build equipment that they are currently paying laborers to build there successfully had to be either fatally ignorant or based upon a packet of lies. Foxconn pays a buck an hour, or less, in Asia for locals there to do that work. They promised to pay 26.00 an hour here, or more when the facilities were up and running in Wisconsin. In order for it to be more economical to build television screens in Wisconsin, there would have to be savings on shipping costs. But shipping costs have been reduced, by the incredible volume of overseas shipping, to almost nothing.

Foxconn got four billion bucks of supposed credits (for supplementing the pay of Wisconsin factory workers and capital improvements) and then four billion more in support development (roads, bridges, water, electric, etc.). ($8,000,000,000) They pulled this same routine in Pennsylvania in 2013, and cost that state half a billion dollars, and left their half-built ruins behind them. The town they chose in that state went broke and so did a whole lot of people who’d moved there to get the forthcoming jobs that never materialized. That was even discussed by Paul Ryan and Scott Walker and Trump. They explained it away, as being caused by rapid change in the electronics market at that time. That is the very same excuse that is being used now and is going to cost Wisconsin a ton. You see, a good bit of that first four billion has already been expended on this little phrase they stuck in the contract called ‘capital improvements.’

Foxconn got to buy property, rights, and even developed property buildings with that capital improvement money. And that property is now their very own. They will eventually leave the city of Racine, Wisconsin in broken half-developed ruins. Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump are not stupid or uninformed or anything like that. They are proving themselves to have been cold-hearted charlatans, and very likely liars through and through, when it comes to bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin. Donald can run away to somewhere if they don’t lock him up, but Paul Ryan and Scott Walker have little running room. They live in Wisconsin, and the people around them in Wisconsin need to start paying really serious, angry and outraged attention to them. Donald Trump called to speak to the chairman’s first man at Foxconn. Note that he never got to talk to the head guy. The “second-hand rose” said that Foxconn would produce Gen Six stuff in Racine, and make good on its earlier promise. Gen Six screens are the little ones that go in cars, GPS modules and so on. Compared to the television screen market their production might amount to about six percent of what was predicted for the making of the big screen televisions. Foxconn will most probably not build Gen Six either. Why should they?

A company called Mirabel Hummel came to Lake Geneva seven years ago and was able to extract millions of dollars out of the city, and then leave its property to lay fallow as it lays to this day. The millions to Hummel went out of state. There’s no motivation for Hummel to develop or do anything. They got their money. They came to the sticks and fooled the rubes and country hicks. Foxconn must have been watching. They figured it out. They could do the same thing to the rube hick state, and then take the money out of the country when they were done. Is all this really all going down as described in this article? The evidence is laying there right in front of everyone. Is anybody going to call Pennsylvania and ask them what happened there? Nobody will answer. In a year or two, the number to Foxconn will ring through to an answering machine, too. It’s time for the State of Wisconsin to stand tall, square its shoulders and ask this fraudulently founded Asian company to leave.

~~James Strauss


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