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Ice Safety?
Up until this last week, it has been a warm December for a Wisconsin Winter. Several ice fishermen have grown inpatient and are too excited to wait any longer for colder weather to increase the ice’s integrity. Many fishermen were spotted out on the ice in the inlet of Delavan lake last Wednesday afternoon, despite open water being visible nearby. Ice fisherman have also been seen out on many other lakes in the area. Lake Como is an especially popular one, even though there are posted warnings about the ice not being as stable as it might appear to be when literally there has been no ice and reminding potential fisherman about open water in some parts of the lake that doesn’t ever freeze.

Lauderdale Lake, near Elkhorn, is another lake that tends to draw a lot of fishermen early in the season. Last Wednesday evening, December 26th, at around 6 p.m., La Grange Rescue was called to the Sterlingworth boat launch on Lauderdale Lake for a man who went through the ice. Fortuitously, an onlooker heard and saw the man go into the icy waters and phoned for help. The man who went through the ice is okay and credits his quick rescue to the first responders, as well as his recent viewing of you-tube videos about what to do if you ever go through the ice. Thankfully, he is fine and was out of the cold waters quickly.

If you do decide to go out on the ice remember to take precautions: do not go alone, make sure people know where you are, and maybe watch some you-tube videos yourself, before you take the risk and head out on the ice.

Ice Fishing Report with Doug Ide



Little understood driving rule:
When you are driving around through towns in Wisconsin, and you come to a stop sign where there is a crossing street without any traffic control device, then you do not have the right of way or the right to proceed until all traffic of every kind is clear.  That means, and here’s the most common violation, if you have stopped and are turning onto the clear road and someone is pulling out of a parking place, you do not have the right of way.  The car pulling out of the space, even if it is backing, has the right of way. Lake Geneva is filled with angled-in parking spaces that have to be backed out of. The cars in those spaces do not have the right of way if they are backing onto a road where unregulated traffic proceeds.  Don’t forget the stop sign rule, as it might save you from an accident, and also be held responsible if there is an accident.


What’s happening in the dead of winter inside the hallowed halls of Lake Geneva’s city council, and also across the counter with the public itself?
Noticeable!  Right now, right there at that counter and right in time for the small slowdown following the holidays the employees at city hall are smiling more. They’re obviously happier than they were before.  That’s not a professional poll, but it’s a lot of fun to anecdotally report on it.  Since David came…might become a telling phrase to repeat about some other things too.  The not quite so warm and loving thing that was noticed this week was the Lake Geneva Regional News discussing, in one of their articles, how the city council was trying to reconfigure their meetings so as to coordinate those meetings in the future to better integrate with the newspaper.  The article made it seem that there was and is only one newspaper for the whole community.

That’s not the Regional News, as much as they would love it to be.  There are local media, which the GSR is very much included in.   With over a hundred thousand ‘views’ this last week of active fresh and local video presentations, the GSR cannot simply be written off as not being there or here at all.  Dylan Thomas said it for the GSR, and for so many more members of the media that are not of huge size:  “Do not go gentle into that good night…”


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