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Is the City of Lake Geneva in good hands?
Is the city’s primary concern of those leading the city, the residents or those who benefit from the city’s actions and spending? Would a better use of the hotel room tax be to pay for the extra costs that tourists have on the city, to support its infrastructure, Police protection Street maintenance and clean up, or is it better to advertise and attract even more tourists and further increase wear and tear on the city and its infrastructure, thereby increasing city costs?

Did the plan commission and City Council have the best interests of the residents when Symphony Bay’s high density 330 house development was approved, without requiring (as part of the needed infrastructure) for the Symphony Bay development to include paying for a stoplight at the corner of Edwards Blvd and North Bloomfield Road / East South Street?

The primary concerns of a person determines the focus of his or her thoughts, and that changes what, and how they see things and what they do. For the city to be in good hands, the majority of those who influence the city’s decisions have to have the betterment of the residents as their primary decision-making rule, and not the influence of those who financially benefit from the city’s decisions and spending. But in the City of Lake Geneva, those who represent the residents as their top priority are in a small minority, and until that changes, the answer to the question “Is the City of Lake Geneva in good hands?” will continue to be “no, the city is not in good hands.”

Meat Loaf at Pier 290

Meat loaf at Pier 209, Lake Geneva

WOW! Twenty bucks buys you one heck of a great meatloaf at Pier 290 from their fabulous new chef. You go Bill Gage!

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