Beneath the summer sun in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this July everyone will see the gathering of upwards of twenty authors in an event that is destined to be a new Lake Geneva tradition. Authors in the Park. On July 11th PNCBankThe Friends of the Lake Geneva Public Library is hosting an historic event. For more than three decades the Friends have been helping to fund a variety of programs through the Lake Geneva Public Library. As part of their mission to strengthen community support for the library, the Friends are partnering with Breadloaf Bookshop to bring this first annual gathering of local authors to the shores of Lake Geneva. In Library Park right near the Lake Geneva beach these authors are joining together to bring you stories from a wide spectrum of genres to include, children’s books, vampire romance, gardening tips, fantasy/mythology and much more. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday July 11th 2015 you can find not only some great works of literature written by local authors, but there will also be children’s book readings, dramatic monologues and other performances throughout the day. Refreshments will be served by the American Legion Hot Dog Stand. The Geneva Java Coffee Shop is also expected to set up a vending tent, so don’t miss any of this family-fun event that’s sure to be a great time for people of all ages.


Peter Wilson, local attorney at law by day, Miata racing vampire by night, is racing this summer. Peter is a local Lake Geneva area attorney of note so you might go out to Blackhawk Farms or Road America to watch, and that’s whether you want to see him win or crash. The Geneva Shore Report is a sponsor of the Miata Peter drives so the staff goes to watch, never indicating which result (win or crash) it is hoping will be the result.

Go watch, have a hot dog or hamburger at the outstanding food joints they have at the tracks. Don’t expect to see the Geneva Shore Report banner n the side of Pete’s Miata. He’ll be going too fast for that.

Really Neat Person


Dory at PNC Bank Lake Geneva

Dory from PNC Bank in downtown Lake Geneva.
That smile. It’s real. You go into PNC and you go into a place of warmth and charm. Dory doesn’t smile at everyone but she will if you smile at her. PNC in Lake Geneva makes most of banking fun.

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