The parking disaster continues to unfold. How can the elected representatives of local Lake Geneva government be so clueless? Well, they are not clueless at all. Neither is the highly pressured parking commission.

These bodies of leadership are comprised of dedicated caring human beings of all backgrounds and sexes (and yes, there appear to be more than two of those these days). Why is paid parking continuing to spread like a bad cancer, even though all members of city leadership claim to fully understand that the local citizenry hates what’s happening?


Probably not.

Are they behind the financial eight ball of having great debt, but not being able to raise taxes (or be creative enough to divert TIF funding to pay for debt instead of ‘tiddlywinks with manhole covers’ kinds of things)? More than likely. It is about time that Lake Geneva surfaces the real financial complex of a churning sea the entire creaking tossing ship of state is tossing upon. The city’s debt, and the retirement of its debt, should be number one item on the agenda of every city council, planning commission or finance committee meeting held. It’s called “old business,” but it’s not really. Its simply good business to pay one’s debts, city or personal. And it all begins with putting all the chips and coins and bills on the table for all to see and evaluate.

It is astounding what tribal groups of people can do if they work together instead of root around in the dark being led by distant leaders who have their own agenda.


There are simple common sense rules of nature and human behavior and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand them and use them, but most people in government appear blind to such rules.

Since Big Foot Beach and Lake Geneva Beach are both on the same lake, why does Big Foot Beach Park have beach erosion and Lake Geneva’s beach does not? Lake Geneva maintains the Lake Geneva beach. “Duh” It’s a simple fact; if you do not maintain something, it will deteriorate. It’s also true that if you don’t pay attention to something or you ignore it, then it will get worse. In the world of physics this is called entropy. It doesn’t matter if the degradation is a little rust on the car, a leak in a pipe or corruption in city government. Humans are one of the few forces in this universe that can temporarily halt, slow or even back entropy up. But human motivation and action is required.


Lake Geneva Beach

See the little bitty line of floats denoting the swimming part of the beach?
What a shame. This photo was taken just after about two pick up trucks of sand were delivered to help build up the beach.
Lake Geneva can be so sad in delivery, unless you are interested in vape shops, skate boards, bocce ball or pavilions to nowhere.


Tax something or raise the fee and you will get less of it. Subsidize it and you will get more of it. Ban it and companies will find a way around it or criminals will supply it. If it can’t be moved (land, buildings, etc.) its construction, use and function will be regulated, restricted and taxed. If it can move (cars, trains, planes) it will be regulated, licensed and taxed. In government the forbidden “F” word is “free” (it’s called subsidy or entitlement) and the forbidden “T” word is “tax” (it’s called “Revenue Enhancement” while “spending” is called “Investment.”). In government, those who want to do something and think that they can get away with it, just do it. If they want to do something bad enough and the citizens are opposed to it, then they can make things appear so bad, or make the thing so bad, that people will change their minds and support it. At some point you may wish you could do what you want and use other people’s money to pay for it.

Well, maybe you can, if you live in Lake Geneva.
Run for a local government office and find out.

Featured Image: “Parking Fiasco”

Check out the truck in the distance.  No, it’s not turning.  It’s quite legally parked in one of those new nice and short parking slots put in by the parking department at the order of the parking commission and ratified by the city council.  Note how it sticks way out into passing traffic right at the corner.  Unsafe at any speed, even stopped!  There’s brain damage, but this one seems more like brain death.

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