Surprising Stuff

What is it with the beach in downtown Lake Geneva?
Bad enough that the prices to go to the beach are outrageous, but add the obvious fact that the people coming up from Chicago don’t care about the prices, and are now lining up on hot weekends to the point where the line goes all the way north up to the library and beyond. The beach staff no longer accepts cash, so there is no chance of further “diminishment of funds” in that regard. Three parking machine robots were dedicated to collecting for the beach passes, instead of cash being passed to human attendants. Those robots are tough to figure out, and the intellectual level of beachgoers has never been measured. Obviously, the long lines would appear to indicate that that level is not particularly high. If citizens have local beach passes, then they get to skip the huge long line, which might also make it seem that their own intellectual level is quite high, comparatively. Comforting thought.

Person of the Week

Michelle Caffrey, Author

Michelle Caffrey is a true naturalist, explorer of European waters, and author of many published short stories. She is simply marvelous and so are her stories. You can find her books at the local library, Amazon, and


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