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Yosemite Sam Olson, police chief in Fontana, strikes again.
You are not alone. That simple fact, established by the stories the Geneva Shore Report has been writing about Chief Olson and the Fontana Police Department, has allowed for some citizens to come forward and complain about this bombastic quasi-leader of that department. So far, none of those complaints have made there way into the hands of Geneva Shore Report staff members but as soon as they do you will see them appear before your eyes. It is time for that chief to move on, and he can take that phony drumhead ‘judge’ with him when he goes (probably to be appointed to the Lake Geneva Police and Fire Commission, like every other slipshod passed over leader in the surrounding Geneva Lake area).

Since Fontana leadership is dedicated to drawing into itself those members of the visiting public not exactly considered pleasing by the other lake communities it does provide some semblance of service. Maybe the Geneva Shore Report has it all wrong. Maybe the kind of police department found in Fontana is truly appropriate for where that town is and is going. Go to Chucks Lakeshore Inn and have a burger and a few drinks. The burgers are good and not expensive, by the way. Then go out to the parking lot and make new friends, as the Fontana police officers lurk in wait because they get so lonely, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.


The Lake Geneva Police Department.
Dallas. Minnesota. Chicago. Baton Rouge. The interaction between police departments and the public they are supposed to serve has been the subject of extremely emotional and tense argument and protest. Are the police selecting, and then being harsher (to the point of death), on citizens of color? Are the police becoming targets of opportunity for those seeking to correct the system or get even for perceived racial prejudice on the part of departments across the country? What is going on is a classic struggle in the universe. It’s all about order. What is social order and how can it be maintained?

Well, you don’t see any of that going on in Lake Geneva. Nothing. Nada. Nichts. It’s not that there are no people of color living in Lake Geneva orChief of Police Lake Geneva Mike Rasmussen visiting all summer long. It’s also not like there are no encounters between members of the police department and the public. Such contacts are going on all the time, twenty-four hours a day and every day of the week. Yet, there are no shootings, no beatings and no attacks from the police or upon the police. Why is that? Leadership and training, and along with that intensely focused selection. Chief Mike Rasmussen is an outstanding police chief. Even the politically staffed old-timer’s crew over at the Police and Fire Commission give him full reign to keep on keeping on with what he is going. He’s got help. The staff over at the P.D. is terrific. Make up some excuse to go talk to the people who come to the armored window at city hall. You’ll be quite surprised, after watching a lot of television. They are nice! Smiling nice! They listen. And then they help. Talk to one of the bicycle cops or the guys and gals walking beats during hot summer days (why can’t the department issue short sleeve khaki shirts and shorts with light weight gear for that duty!). They are nice too. Nothing like one might believe by only taking in what’s being said lately in the national news. There are some things happening right in and around Lake Geneva. The LGPD is one of them. Town of Linn and Geneva Township (with its great new chief) are not far behind, if they are behind at all. The only problem citizens and visitors of Lake Geneva may face is when they travel and expect the same kind of respect, care and good humor from police officers working in more distant departments.


Good Sense.
Outstanding! Alderperson Gelting tells the Police and Fire Commission of Lake Geneva to go fly a kite.
He resigned.
Kudos to Gelting.

Traffic and Truck Parking

Trucks and Traffic Lake Geneva

The truck parking to unload problem continues unabated in downtown Lake Geneva. The big truck on the right stopped for twenty minutes to unload three small boxes, and there was no thought to the mess this created for everyone traveling through town. This kind of stuff has got to be stopped.

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