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The second time around. Just what does Gage Marine, in cahoots with the City of Lake Geneva, think it is doing?
The stinking barges, parked at the piers around the dog beach just west of the Library, were pulled out three weeks ago after the GSR ran a story about Gage, the barges, and the city’s lack of motivation to do anything about the violations. But for only three weeks, and now life comes back like a bad science fiction time-travel film. Another barge is anchored, like it belongs there. If the city authorities have given special dispensation from the normal rules, ordinances and laws to be overlooked (like they’ve silently done for giant semi delivery trucks, and weekend motorcycle clusters) then the public needs to know that. The public itself, the public that pays the fees and bills, and gets no dispensation at all. If you don’t believe that then try not paying one of those new parking meters, or leaving your car running in a loading zone while you go in and grab a to-go cup of coffee. Mayor “Straight Arrow” Kupsik wrapped his cloak of super powers around him one Sunday, and went straight to the beach to see to the latest barge incursion. Will this new attentive mayor see the light shining in the sky beckoning him, or will he send Robin, (Utah Blaine) in his place.


Del died. The man, and his wife Arleen, better known to the entire Geneva Lake community for their long time business named Del’s Towing, is gone. He will be missed. Deeply and sincerely missed. He died from complications following surgery on his magnificent heart, that he had a few weeks earlier. Del will leave a legacy of integrity, fairness, honesty and hard work for reasonable compensation. The gasoline at the filling station located on Broad Street in downtown Lake Geneva (the hub of the towing business, as well) is the most expensive in town, but the service has always been stellar, and the relationships with the family just a bit of “all right,” as the Brits might say.   Like “service” stations used to be in the old days. They clean your windshield and check you tires. It is the sincerest hope of the entire GSR staff that the family stays on to continue providing something rare that adds to the special flavor of Lake Geneva.

Del's Service and Towing Lake Geneva

Del will be missed.

The naked and the dead; flower pots, that is. Since the new decorative seasonal (flower) pots have been left empty all summer, one may wonder if the city has decided not to fill them with dirt, flowers, flags or put other decorations in them. No, it’s that they have already spent the beautification committee’s $80,000, and the city’s TIF $120,000 just to buy the containers and bricks. They don’t have enough left over to plant flowers, or to put decorations in them. If you think that this is an example of incredibly poor planning, you would be right. If you think that they have gone to waste, then you are right again. Tourists, for better or worse, have made good use of them as trash receptacles. In some circles an empty three-foot high, two-by-two-foot container is called art, but tourists here see them as places to deposit cigarette butts and trash. Perhaps the street department could put trash liners in them to make the clean up easier, and while they’re at it they could remove the yellow warning tape around the removed sod, and replace it. Football fields replace sod between games, but in Lake Geneva it seems to take a month…or more.

Summer Fun Traffic Lake Geneva

It takes all kinds of people coming to Lake Geneva to make it a successful summer.
Here’s somebody that rolled That seems Not to be fan of the ‘lectric cars.


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