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Lake Geneva Shore Path.
You can’t win if you don’t play and Lake Geneva is in it to win. Lake Geneva has won a few titles recently, and some bragging rights. The Lake Geneva Shore Path is next on the list of treasures up for nomination with the Wisconsin organization that designates top destinations. At last week’s city council meeting a letter of support from Lake Geneva’s Mayor and City Council in support of the Geneva Lake Shore path was approved. Mike Slavney the city planner of Lake Geneva will submit the letter and nominate the shore path to APA-WI to be on the “Great Places in Wisconsin” list. This is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the wonderful shore path that Geneva Lake offers.

The lakeshore path is a twenty-one plus mile trail that encircles the entirety of Geneva Lake. This is a rare treat as very few lakes around the country offer that to the public. Early settlers of the lake preserved the area for the path as public domain, making the property owners responsible for maintaining the path, and they still are today. The path is full of natural beauty, breathtaking lake views, plant life both planned and neatly landscaped, as well as natures finest greenery, and some beautiful lake homes and mansions old and new. The Geneva Lake Shore Path is sure to be seen as a real gem in the judges’ eyes. The Great Places in Wisconsin category is judged by a jury of professional planners from outside Wisconsin and confirmed by the APA-Wisconsin Board of Directors. Geneva Lake Shore Path is already a win in most of the eyes of the residents and visitors to the Geneva Lake area, and being chosen as a winner would only confirm this.


The journey of the Riviera Fountain coins has been somewhat of a mystery.
The GSR took on the job of following the coins from start to end. It starts with a wish, usually a young child who proceeds to nag their parents for a coin or a handful of coins. The parents give in, hands the coins over, and watches the joy the child experiences and join in by making a wish of their own. The coins have no real owner except the wish, so who gets the money or where does it go? In the past, the coins were rumored to be collected and stored under the Riviera. Sam, the city employee who cares for and maintains the Riviera, its grounds, and the fountain, drains and cleans the fountain every two or three weeks. The coins accumulate quickly, so when the fountain has its regular cleaning the coins are all pushed into a catch basin and hosed as thoroughly as possible. The money is then transported back to city hall and soaked again in clean water. The city’s primary bank, First National, does not accept change, which is not unusual as many banks have done away with change counter machines. So, the coins are taken to another bank in Elkhorn and deposited into an account for the city’s lakefront fund. Not as magical or mysterious as some may have hoped for, but making wishes at the Riviera has and will continue to create lasting memories and good feelings for children and adults alike.

How Many Coins In The Fountain?

Coin from Riviera Fountain Lake Geneva

The wish coins from the Riviera Fountain!


If you are an elected official, does pledging allegiance to our flag also include promising to be a public servant?
To spend taxpayer dollars with due diligence? To show common courtesy even to those who disagree with you or yes, even yell? Well, the current City Council, showing allegiance to our country’s flag, might feel embarrassed over the treatment of some fellow citizens and community members. At least two longtime committee members of the Park Board of Commissioners did not know their terms had ended – cold turkey. Regardless of your stand on term limits and involving residents, common courtesy should rule the day. John Swanson found out by reading the committee minutes shortly before the May Park Board meeting, and Lynn Hassler made the mistake of showing up. Mrs. Hassler was turned away at the door. For the Police and Fire Commission, Mr. Condos was ambushed. Having been told that he should attend to receive a special award, Speedo’s plaque should have read, “Thanks for your service which is no longer needed!”

Beware of volunteering for a committee in the City, you, too, might find your welcome revoked abruptly after unknown expiration date. How many other members went silently into that good night? This isn’t a fiefdom for the elected few. When you put your name on the form to run for office, you make promises to keep. These actions are being taken in your name. You’ve heard the phrase, Strong Council, weak mayor. This means that our City operates at the direction of the City Council, not the mayor or the staff.

Celebrate the July 4th holiday by pledging respect to your neighbors and fellow citizens.


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