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Rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting in air is proof that summer fireworks bombardment has begun.
Unlike previous years in July, when fireworks were shot off on the 4th of July, and/or the 4th of July weekend, this year every weekend in July has become a fireworks bombardment. Even the City of Lake Geneva tried for the first time in many decades to have fireworks for the 4th of July, but that attempt failed. Why or what changed? Did promoters finally realize that people, although born with a fear of loud noises, are also stunned by a bright flash of light and also fascinated by them when they can be viewed safely?

Or was it the bandwagon effect of promoters finally realizing that fireworks attract crowds. Or is it because, despite the economy going well, there is an underlying political frustration running through the core of the entire nation. The fireworks are a safe way to release some of that tension and share and enjoy the freedom that we have in common and not the issues that divide us? The real reasons for things often elude an explanation, but wondering and wanting to know is part of the human path to understanding that takes the fear out of the unknown by making it known.

7 Anniversary

Black Circle Records Lake Geneva

Black Circle Records was rock’in out this past weekend in celebration of seven fun-filled prosperous years in business on Broad Street.


The Comprehensive Plan.
The community is invited and encouraged to engage in the discussion regarding the 10 Year Comprehensive Plan and to share any ideas and visions they have for Lake Geneva. Last night was the first of multiple scheduled workshops to facilitate public discussions. These neighborhood workshops are an opportunity for the residents of Lake Geneva to have a say in the shape of Lake Geneva’s future. If you missed the first meeting there is another one tonight at 6 p.m. at the Badger High School cafeteria and on August 7th the second community vision workshop will be at 6 p.m. at Lake Geneva City Hall.


Joseph Kinnebrew comes back to town.
The famous and most notable sculptor, Joe Kinnebrew revisited Lake Geneva to recover some of his sculptures left in the safekeeping of Bonnie Deutch, a wealthy woman living over along Snake Road on the lake in Town of Linn.  Bonnie liked the sculptures so much that, when Joe left Lake Geneva (where his studio was) he had to file suit to recover the works. The suit was finally settled and Joe returned to claim his huge beautiful objects of art.

The sculptures had to be removed by one of the pier companies, using their cranes and barges, as the area of Ms. Deutch’s estate where they were on display was mostly inaccessible by the big flatbed trucks necessary to carry that kind of heavy stuff. The conclusion to this journey has been long and expensive for Joe but he is happy to be returning to his new studio located in Blaine, Washington, where he will display his own works out along that beautiful property.  Sometimes, not always, justice is served.

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