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Muddy waters of BigFoot Beach continue to surge into Geneva Lake.
What’s going on behind the scenes back there between South Lake Shore Drive and the Otto Jacobs cement operation on Highway 120?  There’s a swamp in between.  That swamp is draining groundwater into Geneva Lake every minute of every day, rain or shine. How’s that possible?  The water should clear eventually, but it never does.  Somebody is plowing that swamp up to make muddy water to be laid down at the swimming beach.  The GSR is going to start daily drone flights over that area to see just who’s behind this latest BigFoot Beach travesty.

Muddy Waters Prevail


Movies outdoors.
Fontana Beach will be having a movie under the stars Friday July 6th at 8:30 p.m. on an inflatable outdoor movie screen. The movie will be Jaws, and admission is only $1.00! If you can’t make it to this movie there will be more. On July 20th they will be showing Coco, and then on August 3rd, Jumanji. What a great way to spend a summer evening! All wonderful family activities.  The Riviera Beach is continuing its free outdoor movie series. On Wednesday, July 11th, a great jumbo inflatable screen will be set up and the movie Sandlot will be screened. The fun will begin at 8 p.m., and it is all free! The next movie at the Riviera will be Back to the Future, to be played on Augus8th.

U.S. Cellular.
The Geneva Shore Report’s favorite cell phone company because it is the only one that turned on its local towers to give great coverage around the lake has turned off the local towers. When spoken to, at the local office, they indicated that they were working on those towers (for two months!).  That’s what’s going on and the GSR does not know what to make of it.  None of the other cell phone companies have turned on any of their seven local towers because they feel that the expense does not justify the traffic.  The area is receiving what they consider to be ‘adequate’ coverage.  And, getting together as they have here, they are like dealing with WE Energies.  The words ‘good luck’ are right up front in dealing with them.


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