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The Wisconsin Kringle Company, located at W4724 South Lake Shore Drive in Fontana, is about ready to open. The Kringle Company does more than just sell kringles, they are also a country store that will include sales of beer, wine, and liquor. They’ll have a great bakery with many different pastries, as well as a restaurant with a carryout and delivery menu. The menu is quite impressive, with a very large selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. The Kringle Company did an extensive remodel before opening and, if all goes as planned, they’ll be open by the end of this week. Call them at 262-394-5888.

Wisconsin Kringle Company, Lake Geneva


Cracker Barrel.
They came last weekend. The real estate acquisition team of Cracker Barrel came to Lake Geneva last weekend. They encamped in their two white vans across the street on Edwards just before the curve where the Hampton Inn is set to be built. Some people predicted that they might show up, but it was a surprise to encounter them anyway. When asked about a Cracker Barrel being built in Lake Geneva they would not commit to anything. They said they were only about property acquisition and not about how corporate might use the property. Cracker Barrel, a publically traded huge family restaurant company, is headquartered in Tennessee, and the corporate people there do not answer questions (or so they said) about where they will be building and opening stores next.

Three coins in the Fountain
This issue goes back quite a few years, back to when an employee of the city was fired for “stealing” the coins collected in the fountain located at the head of the Riviera Pier complex. So, what has happened since? It appears that banks won’t take the coins anymore because of the simple fact that water has a tendency to corrode the coins which mucks up the bank’s counting machines. The coins are not truly owned by the city when thrown into the fountain. Under Wisconsin law, people who take the coins cannot be effectively charged with theft. So, who owns the coins, and what is happening to the never-ending supply of them? Rumor has it that the coins are collected all the time and stored in cans under the basement of the Riviera in a secret room. There, like the stuff in the Raiders of the Lost Ark storage area, they are to accumulate until some dystopian survivors find them and get rich one day far into the future.

Artist at Work

Kurt Johnson Lake Geneva Artist

Kurt Johansson, a member of the Geneva Lake Art Association paints a beautiful scene at the White River.

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