Letters to the Editor


Gruntling The mayor wants to add more police in guarding Lake Geneva schools. Adding more police officers to schools will not solve the school violence problem, because there is currently not a lack of police officers in schools. The problem is that there are too many disgruntled students (not that there shouldn’t be a certain number of those). There are enough disgruntled students that it has become an epidemic in the schools of our current period and geography.

To reverse this trend, schools should begin teaching courses in gruntling and on how to gruntle. A course on gruntling could reduce the number of disgruntled students as well as singling out the disgruntled students for special gruntle counseling and guidance. Being disgruntled is not a problem that only affects students, it affects teachers, workers and especially the elderly. There are so many unhappy and disgruntled people in this country since the current president was elected and that caused many who weren’t disgruntled before the election to become disgruntled after the election. Perhaps it is now time to reverse this disgruntling trend and start teaching “happy gruntling” to both students and voters.

Well, this solution is absurd, but no matter how good a real solution may be, “every solution to every problem creates a new problem”. I am not being a pessimist, but the hope is that the new problem is less of a problem than the original. Having an open mind, listening and showing respect to those who have (what we consider) absurd ideas may lead to new solutions. After all, almost every major new ground-breaking thought was first rejected as absurd before finally being accepted as great and valuable. Life is truly wonderful, and perhaps everyone who’s lived on the planet for some time should teach younger people how wonderful life really is. The obvious is not always obvious until it is simply stated or sometimes just pointed out.

Written in memory of a good friend, John Clark, who died while working for me.

Terry O’Neill, resident of Lake Geneva and former alderperson

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