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Muddy Waters.
What’s going on at BigFoot Beach?  It hasn’t rained to the point of significance for quite awhile. Why is the outflow coming out of the south side of the Maytag Lagoon still bleeding brown water?  Where is that water coming from because the lagoon is clear and the rest of the lake water along South Lakeshore Road is also clear? Only the water pouring out of the ‘overflow’ channel running under the road is brown.  And that water comes out and spreads through the whole of the usable beach area.

Is there some force at work making sure that the beach does not get used?  Again?  The wasps.  The cutting down of the trees in the park across the street.  The brown swimming water. Seriously!


Moonlight Movies at the Beach. Free family fun! The Geneva Theatre is presenting “Moonlight movies at the beach”, Wednesday, June 6. Its first feature is Finding Nemo. Screenings are at the Riviera Beach, and start at dusk, approximately 8:00 PM. Concessions are available. Bring something to sit on, and relax and enjoy movies under the stars.

Moonlight Movies On the Beach Lake Geneva


In the Marine Corps, they used to say that if you really took care of the small stuff the big stuff would turn to crap.
They didn’t use the word crap, of course. What are the big things around the lake that need constant monitoring and attention? How about Hillmoor, the City of Lake Geneva’s largest undeveloped tract of land outside of the Hummel property.

Nothing much going on there yet, except for a ridiculous lawsuit that will fail. How about the Hummel giant chunk? All quiet on that front too. Some of it is up for sale but that’s about it. There’s the slice of South Lakeshore Drive that runs between Maytag Lagoon and the waters of Lake Geneva. That road is under constant examination as thoughts and plans continue because developers all want that spot of singular beauty for themselves, but no imminent plans are on the table in either Lake Geneva or Town of Linn.

That brings the attention to the Yerkes Observatory. The University of Chicago has decided to conduct a bunch of totally idiotic town meetings and social focus groups in order to confirm that the surrounding communities are not likely (and it’s not likely that some ‘angel’ will appear either) to come up with the tens of millions it would take to keep the observatory going, and then update it for such a purpose. The University tried to sell the land for development eight years ago. They tried to drift it right past the very alert citizens of Williams Bay.

Williams Bay has no dummies on its town board. Not then and not now. And here’s the latest rumor, delivered to the GSR offices on Monday afternoon. According to one of Lake Geneva’s most highly connected and office-holding bankers, the University of Chicago is allegedly meeting with and allegedly discussing the sale of the Yerkes to another allegedly high-density property developer.

This is allegedly what happened last time, but without all the “oh, we’ll go out and get all the opinions of the folks who live out in the country before we dump the property this time” stuff. The university is very likely to sell the whole property part and parcel, and there’s nothing to stop them except just how much Williams Bay can stand and fight to prevent its community from going from a quiet and wonderfully pastoral paradise to being one of the high-density traffic-ridden side streets, and new high-rise buildings built upon its shores. Everyone needs to support Williams Bay in its efforts to remain the great place to live it’s been for so many years.

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