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The city should not waste taxpayer money to study moving South Lake Shore Drive.
The Regional Newsletter should also not attempt to bias public opinion on that issue by calling it a “beach road”. It is not a beach road. It is South Lake Shore Drive.  Rerouting South Lake Shore Drive through the middle of BigFoot Beach State Park, or completely around Big Foot Beach State Park, will not make it safer for everyone. If your leadership wants to make it safer then:

1.) Close the entrance from South Lake Shore Drive to BigFoot State Park and move the park’s entrance to Highway H.
2.) Replace the current entrance with a pedestrian overpass to the beach.
3.) If a larger beach for BigFoot Beach Park is wanted, then haul in trucks filled with sand.

This kind of plan was drawn up and presented to city officials a couple of years ago, but they did not forward it to park authorities. Good solutions exist, but those in authority are not looking at those. They seem to have a hidden motive behind their agenda. A possibility is to reroute South Shore Drive and move the city’s boat launch to the lagoon, but that potential agenda item is possibly really there to aid the real-estate values by giving quick easy lake access to the housing developments east and south of BigFoot State Park. BigFoot Park would then become the focal center for the commercial and residential development of that part of the city, with the state and local residents paying the costs. This would further reroute tourist dollars away from the downtown and aid in the development goal of closing down Wrigley Drive and making the city block in front of The Riviera a huge resort complex (like the Abbey).

The only way for such people to accomplish these hidden goals is to start with the bogus safety issue of the “dangerous” road along BigFoot Park, and then hope that the rest of the dominos fall so that all their development “acquaintances” can profit at the expense of Lake Geneva’s residents and the state residents.

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