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Once again, with feeling. What is the American Legion up to?
Following the last controversy, when a former Lake Geneva Alderperson took over an illegal lease the Legion had granted him, the old veterans at that place had gone to ground. They got rid of the offending alderperson (you might remember the guy with the little hot dog) and brought in a young veteran and his wife. Everything copacetic, right? Now, it appears that the young couple is moving on down to Kentucky because the legion is eradicating the lease with them.

What lease with them? The American Legion can’t sublease to anyone and that’s a part of their written (and ancient) agreement with the City of Lake Geneva. The American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, are outstanding veteran’s groups that have provided a lot in the way of help to veterans coming home from America’s wars. The conduct of these organizations must remain pristine in order for them to provide maximum assistance to those returning veterans. A hot dog stand isn’t a big deal, either to the Legion, the city, or the people who visit in the summer, but the honor of the Legion is a different thing entirely. That honor is held in trust by the men who run the local chapter. Those men failed with the former retired alderperson running the canteen, and they got a pass. They shouldn’t need another pass.

Oakfire Rebuilding Progress

Oakfire Remodel Lake Geneva

The overbearing new Oakfire building takes shape with its visage staring out over Lake Geneva. And no. The front does not look like Darth Vader’s helmet mask.

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