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Be very careful out there when you check out other people using Internet services.  ALL of the ‘sleuthing’ organizations on the Internet, that offer to ‘check out your potential date,’ or ‘find out about your boss,’ and so on, have another secretive and hidden…and very lucrative side to their whole endeavor.  They find the data for you about the person, as you paid for.  Then, they wait a few days and contact the person you were checking out and offer, for a fee, to let that person know who you are and what you requested.  These organizations lie to you about keeping your search confidential because they know the person who was investigated won’t tell you about it.

So, that divorce you can’t figure out why it was filed against you?  That job you lost because your boss decided that the room temperature changed and you are fired?  That promotion you didn’t get?  That neighbor who won’t talk to you, anymore?  That guy or gal who not only doesn’t go out with you but never takes your calls again?  You see, these operations are correct, in that nobody who you checked out is going to come back and tell you that they found out you checked them out.  They simply get rid of you in their lives.  This rotten investigation business is running rampant, causing untold social harm to the fabric of the American culture.  Be very careful about what you are asking for on the Internet.

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