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One has to look at the bright side of the Coronavirus.
The parking problem has been solved. There are vacant parking stalls all over the downtown area. Even the City Council has gotten into the Coronavirus spirit, by temporarily slashing the parking rate to “zero”. There is free parking for everyone. Politicians who said that they wanted to spend more time at home with their spouse and kids have been granted their wishes. Although there is no place to go, gas prices have dropped so everyone can afford to sit in their cars and drive on all the country’s rural empty roads for a nice outing. Living in a beautiful resort area by a beautiful lake, the Coronavirus virus may give residents of the City of Lake Geneva their first “Visitor Free Summer”.

On the serious side, the Coronavirus and the actions being taken to restrict its spread, will make everyone more aware of, and hopefully more thankful for, the things that a lot of people have taken for granted. During this time of social distancing, everyone can still celebrate a common human bond by all taking an action intended for both individual and mutual benefit. Every life is important, as a single cog on a gear in a watch. Without the rest of the watch, a single cog loses its value, but if the watch loses a single cog it too loses its value. Which is to say, the value of  “life” is in “other life” and the value of “other life” is in every “life”.

Plenty of Free Parking
Downtown Lake Geneva


Right now the Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations.
If you are well and healthy the Red Cross is encouraging you to donate because of this shortage. You must make an appointment to donate, which can be done at The next available time and location are set for Wednesday, April 1st, at the Elkhorn Area High School. The next is Friday, April 10th, at the Cove. Wednesday, April 22nd, at Sperino’s Monte Carlo Room. Friday, April 24th, at Spring Prairie United Methodist Church. Monday, April 27th, at Badger High School. The Red Cross is encouraging two types of donations, power red, and blood. Power red collects the red cells but returns most of the plasma and platelets to the donor. Both donations require an appointment, and both can save lives in this time of need.


Modern technology allows flexibility and freedom on how things can be more distantly accomplished today.
Zoom is an easy and popular platform being used by many schools, companies, and municipalities to do this. Zoom Video Communications provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.  The initial sign up can be done from almost any device with WiFi. A webcam is also necessary, for speakers or presenters in the meeting. Any attendees can choose, or not choose, to show their faces during the meeting (all will be represented by picture or name) which will frame the main speaker. A text feature on the right side of the screen is also available for those who would rather type comments and questions instead of speaking. It’s quick, free, and simple. Sign up with your email and invite others to join. With the option of not having to speak in public at a podium (a fear of many), Zoom could draw more residents to meetings and increase participation in the decision making of Lake Geneva.

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