The  Bright Side

Mangiami Italiano in Fort Atkinson.  This great place has a huge following and many regulars, so the idea of opening a second location seemed logical. Eric Webber, located at 393 N Edwards Blvd, Lake Geneva, (the old Red Geranium) was granted a liquor license in Lake Geneva. The city does approve of some applicants. For the past year, or so, only one reserve liquor license has been available in the City of Lake Geneva, and several applicants have been after it, but with no luck. Some of the reasons the committee members gave for denials have been legal marks against an applicant’s business, the criteria of a reserve license was not met by the applicant, and some also city leaders have said they just weren’t ready to give up the last license. The anticipated return of the Red Geranium’s liquor license finally happened and was immediately applied for. The applicant is the owner Eric Webber of Mangiami Italiano. The license was not purchased with the property due to complications with the previous business owner’s doings. After some back and forth discussion regarding this agenda item, the liquor license was granted. The new Mangiami Italiano will be coming to Lake Geneva, eventually. The Coronavirus Pandemic may affect the opening and even the existence of this new business venture along with so many more.


Everbridge Nixle Public Notification System.
This new system has been used by the Lake Geneva Police Department and is now ready for all other departments, city staff, officials, and the public. Everbridge is a platform for community engagement through text messages, emails, and things of that nature. This was on the schedule with the police department and the city to open to the entire community pre Coronavirus, but with the current situation, it was pertinent to get the system going earlier. The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation committee quickly approved the cost of $4000.00 (free to the user).  Lt. Gritzner had it set up immediately. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to sign up by simply texting 53147 to 888-777.

Place of the Week

Lake Geneva Library

Lake Geneva Public Library is offering FREE Wi-Fi if you park in a stall on Main St. Another great way the library is supporting the community during these trying times.


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