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The Lake Geneva road repair situation:
“Guns to the left of us, guns to the right of us, guns in front of us volleyed and thundered.” The roads all around the City of Lake Geneva are a total mess. Highway 12 up at the top of Broad Street is about to be ripped apart for months. Main Street through Lake Geneva is an off again on again rolling disaster. Sometimes parts are open with signs that say: “not a through Street,” and at others barricades fully block all movement in any direction. To have a business fronting Wrigley, or Cook or even parts of Main Street and Broad is to be ‘Waiting for Godot” on most days.

Nobody’s coming. Some businesses have complained that the GSR coverage of the construction is likely to drive off would be shoppers and visitors. There may be some element of truth in that but the GSR is duty bound to report on the way things are, and then speculate on how things could be improved. At this early spring juncture, there is absolutely no question that things could have been organized a whole lot better in this project. The utility companies did not have to join in and tear up the alleys at the same time. The county did not have to join in on Highway Twelve, much less Highway 67 further west.

Charlene Klein spoke eloquently at the last city council meeting on how she would never have allowed this nightmare to be conceived, much less carried out, in such a business devastating way.

Weather and Road Conditions Lake Geneva March 28


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Businesses on the Move

Sailor's Wife moving

The Sailor’s Wife has pulled up anchor and moved in with Line Honor’s on Geneva St. Fro-Zone is reportedly moving in and is best known for their rolled ice cream!

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