John Bolton comes in as Donald Trump begins to fully and physically realize that he has only one way out. That way out is war. He must build his base into a position whereby they are the tip of a spear that he must find a target for. There are not many out there. Iran and North Korea are the top candidates. Those countries and any others that John and Donald may look at do not have their own conduct in question when it comes to why Donald must go to war. The whole broken-wheeled busted belief mess of his administration is rocking on down the road of life in such a tattered scattered fashion, with junk like the affairs, the Russians, the wall, trade barriers and more shooting sparks that they have got to begin hitting reactionary targets of opportunity. Those burned or ruined forces out there are getting ready to strike back, and Donald is where and who they are going to hit. And he knows that. It is time to go to war, and nuclear war would be best. Whose attention would not be grabbed and held by that?

It is attention Trump grabs at and holds every day with his verbal and physical outrages. He’s got to go bigger. Obviously, the Russians have shit on him. Obviously, the women he’s been sleeping with are going to give details that are damning to the maximum. Obviously, the Trump family’s finances have been conducted with fraud and lying at their foundations. What can he do if even one of these areas is valid and true? War. John Bolton. Nuclear war. If you are not afraid of this result, then you are not paying attention. Invest in Tesla and Elon…at least Elon’s vision is one of positive growth and is oriented toward the science necessary to proceed into some kind of positive future. The opposition to gun violence, those in favor of things like free sales of assault weapons, says that people kill people not guns and the same can be said for cars. Cars kill more people than guns. It is staggeringly unsurprising that the same people who want everyone to have all manner of guns are also the people who oppose automatic driving.

Vote in November and vote hard, if we get that far…and get and stay close to home with your tribal unit. The wind is rising.

Young people, because of another mass school shooting, are coming out from their iPads, iPhones and gaming pods. They are demonstrating in the streets against the possession and near-universal existence of guns everywhere in the American culture. They are coming out, in the hundreds of thousands against the NRA, a formerly benevolent shooting organization that’s been taken over by right-wing zealots. They are coming out against the tools of violence instead of simply blaming the perpetrators who are, for the most part, mentally deranged. Without a gun as a nearby and available tool for changing or affecting those around us the whole diametric of communication and action changes. Are the young people, now motivated in going after the near total population’s ownership of guns, going to be motivated enough to register and vote? That key question remains to be answered, as November of 2018 rushes toward us all in the USA.

Why is this article combining two subjects, the young people of the nation going out to march against guns, and the likelihood of nuclear war because of bellicose leadership changes?

Because all of this weaponry and the resulting violence are inextricably linked. It began with sharp rocks, thrown over a short distance to kill prey. Early humans perfected this form of enriching their diet from the simple consumption of vegetation with the flesh of other animals because their flesh provided much more energy for the amount ingested. Weapons evolved from thrown rocks to spears, and then to bows and arrows. From there, ‘progress’ increased to allow for gunpowder driving bullets, and then artillery shells. They expanded to building airplanes to drop bombs. And then more and ever larger bombs. Somewhere along the way, the use of these bigger death-dealing instruments went from killing lesser animals for food to killing other humans for things and power. During WWII, nuclear weapons were invented, and now thousands of those sit in armories unused but waiting for the right opportunity. The statistics of violence, so easily calculated in such a high gun concentration society, as the U.S. most certainly is, demonstrate that when distance affecting projectile and explosive weapons are available as a ‘solution’ to a perceived problem of survival, power or the accumulation of property, they get used.

The right-wing political nature of a vast portion of the aging American public has been unable or unwilling to curb the distribution of firearms. The right-wing political nature of the leadership currently in power also appears to be opting for the potential of nuclear war as an option to solving the nation’s problems.   Will the young people of America be able to save the country? Will they have the time, fortitude and will to save the country?

The wind is rising.

Can you feel it?

~~James Strauss


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