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Wal-Mart Center bank closes. The Guaranty Bank, part of the local Wal-Mart store complex in Lake Geneva, has been declared insolvent and with insufficient capital to meet its obligations. The Feds stepped in on Friday afternoon, fired the employees and locked the doors. Under federal rules and regulations, the assets of the bank will be sold and transferred to other banks in the area. Depositors, with less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in their accounts, shouldn’t be damaged, except for the fact that their money will be tied up for a bit. First Citizen is the new bank coming in to take over Guaranty Bank’s obligations. The Feds will have to fork over 147 million in losses, however, and all of the Guaranty Bank branches in Wal-Mart’s are to be closed.

Guaranty Bank Lake Geneva

Guaranty Bank goes down and First Citizen rises from the ashes of their demise. People with money there should be fine, even those using debit cards. The investment money was put together to keep the Wal-Mart favored bank going but the Feds shut it down and gave it to First Citizen anyway, and then paid 147 million to make it healthier, as well. The GSR wonders who the people behind Citizen really are.


Map-Quest and Google maps sold out?
You gotta be kidding us! What the hell happened in the mapping business? When you go to these mapping companies they seem so generous and kind. You put in the address where you are, or have it registered on GPS, and then the address where you want to go, and voila! Free. No charge. The program blinks away, showing you where you are along the way, and everything. Well, check your information! That’s right, check the data for the trip they give you back. Where are they directing you?

Guess what, you are not necessarily getting the shortest or the quickest way to your destination because these map companies are getting paid to do what they do. Since you are not paying for the service they have to get paid other ways. The little places they recommend you eat or drink or stay along the way, well, those are paying advertisers. Okay, that’s not too bad. Now comes the big dark secret play, however.   The map companies are being paid to steer you to places near the route of your travel. Going from Des Moines to Wichita? Nope, you don’t get the straight shot there, you get routed through Topeka, so add on an extra hour of driving. Topeka paid! This is going on with travel all over the country.

Are there going to have to be ordinances put in place to protect travelers? Beware, when you travel by car this summer. Check alternate routes. They may be much shorter and have better roads. Oh, you might want to use Map Quest for your next bicycle trip. Lake Geneva to Kansas City, Kansas takes one day and one hour in the preferred route. Let’s see, that’s 25 hours for 521 miles. You must average about 24 miles per hour to meet that goal on your bike. Go around hills.

Take a pee cup, or two, or three. Mapquest humor!

Time to Flush

Hydrant Flushing

Lake Geneva starts it’s annual hydrant maintenance and flushing May 15th. Be prepared you may experience some water clarity issues, but don’t worry too much the water is safe and will clear. The water commission of lake Geneva will have a schedule on-line you can check so you know when your neighborhood is on the schedule


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