Despite a valiant effort by Hank Sibbing, the Hillmoor Golf Course was scrubbed from the TIF Project list by the tag-team of Dan Draper and Sarah Hill. Using the rational of ‘not wanting another Hummel lawsuit’ since there is a pending sales contract on Hillmoor, the City Council erased it from the list. There is still some hope to save it because the Hillmoor sale is contingent upon the buyer getting a rezone for development of the property. Presently, Hillmoor is zoned for Public Recreation, which is exactly where it should remain. It’s now in the hands of the Lake Geneva Planning Commission** and whether they have the wherewithal to keep it the way it ought to be or succumb to pressure from the city attorney’s office is anybody’s guess.

**Does anyone find it strange Agenda and Minutes of the Lake Geneva Planning Commission stop in 2012 on their Website?

The Lake Geneva Theatre finally finished the marathon race to get on the TIF Project List. It was a tough Alderperson Elizabeth Chappellslog, but Ken Etten and his merry arts players proved that persistence pays. They were recommended for a TIF $800,000 Public/Private Grant to buy and refurbish the old theatre. Now Ken has to go to work on the TIF Board. The Referendum for Capital Improvements was raised from the current $1,050,000 to $1,500,000 with a yearly increase of 2.5%, but unfortunately it exempts utilities. Alderman Chappell fought her heart out to keep utilities included because that’s where most of the money goes.
She lost. Chappell is proving to be one smart and aware city representative, even if the only support she can seem to gather around her is from alderperson Wall who’s entire vocabulary seems to only consist of one word: “NO!”

The Grandest Person

Richard Malmin Lake Geneva

Ordinarily, the GSR does not run photos of staff members. Dick Malmin manages to make himself different and worthy ofexception, however.  He is almost by himself in causing Sarah Hill to attempt to get Town of Linn residents banned from speaking before the Lake Geneva City Council.  She didn’t accomplish her mission.  Dick prevailed, as Dick has a tendency to do.

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