Another fly ball is hit to center field. The fly balls have been flying out to center field a lot lately and the reporters of the Geneva Shore Report have been running all over trying to field them. Here comes another. The Geneva Inn, you know the really terrific little boutique hotel on the water by BigFoot Beach (which also has the wonderful restaurant as an integrated part of it), is going to make a second attempt to have the land around it rezoned to allow for the building of a mini-convention center. The hotel would then be able to accommodate large weddings, which has been a plan of theirs ever since, they first fielded the idea twelve years back.


Jim Weiss, heading up the town board of Town of Linn (just re-elected by a landslide) is going to have to field this Jim Weiss Town of Linnline drive. Jim was also a candidate for the city administrator position being vacated by Dennis Jordon in Lake Geneva. The highly paid search firm blew right past Jim in going for “Utah Blaine” the guy selected to allow him to escape from Rhinelander without a scratch.

Anyway, Town of Linn is left with an outstanding board chairman who can field such difficult decisions as what to do about planning for the future development of Lake Geneva’s waterfront for his citizens. Town of Linn is in control of most of Lake Geneva’s waterfront so Jim staying where he is might be better for the lake as a whole, rather than having him step front and center to replace the performing elephant show Lake Geneva’s city chambers have become.

Town of Linn


Where’s the beef?
No beef for Hillmoor, at least not yet. The TIF money, that tsunami of money sitting there causing saliva to flow freely from every Lake Geneva alderperson’s mouth, except those of Chappell and Wall, isn’t going to go for buying the old defunct and blighting chunk of land on Catholic Hill referred to as Hillmoor. Some beef was set aside for the old defunct and blighted theater on Broad St., but not enough to buy it from the current owners. Maybe if the current owners know that the city has allotted seven hundred thousand to possibly purchase a property they have listed at one point one million it will motivate them, them being Arizona pawnbrokers of some distinction that is. File that move as a “go figure,” or “right!” decision. No beef was allotted for the not defunct and not blighted BigFoot road re-route project, which was great news for an otherwise rather raucous Monday evening council meeting.

The Place to Be

Automotive Gurus Lake Geneva

“This place reopens with little fanfare and not much media coverage.  A great slew of genius mechanics working at doing straight work.  No games.  No hyper-expensive parts.  Go try them out. The Automotive Gurus. On LaSalle ST in Lake Geneva. Check out their Facebook page  

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