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It’s summer, which means it’s time to enjoy being outside.
And what could be better than visiting some of the city’s 40 area parks and facilities that are listed below? How many can you identify? Forty parks for a small city may seem like a lot, but many of the parks are small parcels of land or small parks designed for children in a particular development, but they are open to anyone. As our nation follows United Nation’s Agenda 21 and builds more densely packed multi-family buildings, the need and value of local parks, open spaces, and trails continue to increase. In addition to a need to be sheltered from the weather, people (especially children), have a need to be in open areas unconfined by walls and fences.

However, with most land being owned by someone else, there are only three places that one can be.
1.) A space or a place that one owns or rents,
2.) Places others own and let or invite you into them,
3.) Public lands, facilities, buildings, streets, sidewalks and parks which are often limited to specified hours or use.

As the number of people and families living in apartments skyrockets so is the need to increase the areas open to the public. That need includes small local parks (Oak Hill Tot Lot, Manning Parks), specialty parks (dog, skateboard, tennis) and large parks (Library Park, Veterans Park).

  1. Baker Park
  2. Big Foot Beach State Park
  3. Business Park Pond
  4. City Boat Access
  5. Cobb Park
  6. Dodge Water Tower Open Space
  7. Donian Park (Wetland Preserve)
  8. Duck Lake Nature Area
  9. Dunn Field
  10. East Street Water Tower
  11. Dog Park
  12. Flat Iron Park
  13. Four Seasons Nature Preserve
  14. Frisbee golf Park
  15. Geneva Lake Walkway
  16. Hillmoor Heights
  17. Home Depot Park
  18. Lake Geneva Beach
  19. Library/Elm Park
  20. Manning Park
  21. Maple Park
  22. Mill Park
  23. Moss Park
  24. Moss Memorial Park
  25. Oak Hill Tot Lot
  26. Olive Longland Park
  27. Price-Fremont Park
  28. Rudder Park
  29. Rushwood Park
  30. Seminary Park
  31. Skateboard Park
  32. Stoneridge Park
  33. Stoneridge Park
  34. Undeveloped Park (North)
  35. Undeveloped Park (Edgewood Hills)
  36. Veterans Park
  37. Water Tower Open Space
  38. Westgate Tot Lot
  39. White River City Lands
  40. White River County Park
  41. White River Walk

Cartoon Of The Week
by Terry O’Neill

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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