They are not satisfied with the distinction of turning Flat Iron Park into a Sanford and Son’s Junk Yard. “Resident master of art” Dan Winkler wants to add just one more item to this poor be-leagured park to make it sufficiently déclassé to compete with Dennis Dahl’s front yard on Williams Street for the distinct honor of being “most dubious objet d’ art debris.”

 Dapper Dan Winkler, together with his friends from the Bureau of Image Disasters Rockwell depicting Dan Winkler?(BID), made a valiant effort to achieve this honor by recommending an ice skating rink be added to the already mightily abused Flat Iron Park. Like someone said, “the image of skating in the park is a Norman Rockwell painting in the making.” But the impact on what is left of the park would be devastating. Winkler tried to convince everyone that the grass would totally survive the experience of being covered over for 4 months by a thick sheet of ice, but even the great manipulator couldn’t sell that line of claptrap. Winkler was sent back to the drawing board on that issue, for the time being at least.

Michael Slavney City Planner Lake Geneva wears other hatsDouble dealing with both hands under the table. Are the voters of Lake Geneva aware of how these special crony relationships come to change everyone’s life in and around a small community? Take Mr. Michael Slaveny, Lake Geneva’s City Planner and Director of Planning Services for Vandewalle and Associates, and how he gets paid. He charges the city for work he does educating and consulting with firms trying to develop property in the local area. Mr. Slaveny charges the city for his application and planning work on behalf of the applicant. Then the city pays Mr. Slaveny and charges the client. Is there any wonder that almost all development projects in Lake Geneva are not only eventually approved, but also pay a handsome sum to the same people who are supposed to be exercising objectivity on behalf of the public? This system, set up some time in the dark ages, needs to be changed.

Double Dealing in Lake Geneva Planning

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Vacant Head Shop Lake Geneva

The grandest place?  The empty space where a head shop disguised as a “flavored aroma breathing center” bit the dust.  Mike Kocourek made sure this place went back on the rental market and everyone around the city should thank him.  There were two of those stores in Lake Geneva.  Now there’s only one.  And the GSR is on it.


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