A lake in the center of Hillmoor? Yes, that is part of the successful proposal the Lake Geneva Planning Commission is pondering these days. The new owners of Hillmoor want to develop the old golf course, which is understandable, as it is a very valuable and signature piece of Lake Geneva property. But a lake? Why is this proposal, following three others that were not successful in ever reaching the planning commission the one they are reviewing? The rules about submitting proposals for real estate development remain murky in the Lake Geneva developmental processing area.

Land development is back. After almost going away entirely land development is making a comeback around Lake Geneva. Look for proposals to be submitted by Mr. Pollard who owns property along the 120 bypass not far from another huge chunk of Lake Geneva real estate called Hummel. Ever since it successfully skinned the City of Lake Geneva for a cool three point five million dollars, Hummel has lain there like a dead pig in the sun, just waiting until a more appropriate time to resurrect itself. The first tendrils of Hummel’s rise could be gleaned from the now dead (apparently) re-route of South Shore Drive along the shores of BigFoot Beach. If that road had been successfully relocated to the DNR and Dan Winkler’s satisfaction it would have been re-routed to pass right next to the as-yet-undeveloped Hummel property. What a boon that would have been for that seething mass of a foreign development company.

Brain Pollard Developer Lake Geneva

Brian Pollard

The Geneva Shore Report sometimes comes off as being negative to new projects. And it is negative about many of them when they are easily perceived to be potentially damaging to the fabric of life around Lake Geneva. The new development for Brian Pollard was approved. That “little project” deals with the construction of very high density housing for mostly old people to the tune of 420 new units. That adds over a thousand new residents to the city in one fell swoop. Then there was the high density approval of Basso’s new project to be built down by the cabooses. Throw in what they want to do with Hillmoor and later on Hummel and you have a Mayor Jim Conners wet dream splattered indelibly all over the Lake Geneva area for years to come. Development at any cost means development at extremely high cost to everyone around it.


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