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The BID has to cinch its belt in while it also gets ready to gallop on through the rest of the Lake Geneva community.
It’s time for the BID to appeal to the Lake Geneva City Council and indicate that they want to submit a proposal to bring in every member of the community doing business and using the name Lake Geneva as its base. All these businesses, big box, and small shops are profiting from the very attractive qualities the downtown provides and it’s high time that they begin making a contribution to help with decorations, putting on different events throughout the year, and even helping with the repair of the infrastructure. Big Box stores can well afford to help, including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, the Grand Geneva, Home Depot, Target, and many more.

It’s about time that little Lake Geneva begins to act like the major player it really is when it comes to entertaining a huge population base everyone profits from through the year.


Dine Around the Lake.
The Walworth County Visitors Bureau is hosting their 7th annual ‘Dine Around the Lakes,’ now through November 15th. This is Restaurant week for Walworth County, where restaurants will create a special three-course menu for lunch and/or dinner. Lunch will cost $10 or $15 and dinner $20 or $30, depending on the restaurant. Participating. A list of restaurants can be found on the Internet at, and reservations at all restaurants are encouraged, but not required.


From the desk of Linda Frame:
What is the state of the piers under the ownership and control of the City of Lake Geneva?  It’s not good, although during the last year considerable work has been done.  There are seven city piers and six rental piers.  All of them were in a state of disrepair because of a lack of proper annual maintenance going back for years.  Wood that is set down in the water, pressure treated to make it tougher or not, takes constant maintenance to allow it to hold its strength and appearance.  Reliable records of previous maintenance were quickly found to be non-existent or simply not available.  I chose to do the painting of the piers myself, to save on expenses and also to gain a perspective on the actual condition of the wood weathering in all of the pier locations and the material itself.  This was not a popular decision because the firm that had been doing the maintenance and painting in previous years was let go.  Four dedicated employees of the street department were hard-working and very diligent in assisting with the painting project.  All the city piers were painted with two coats of paint, with the exception of the west pier, which received three.  All of the piers were inspected as a part of the painting process, and those records were stored in the Harbormaster’s office for future use.  The department of public works approved all the work, at the time.  Whatever criticisms that might be leveled, with respect to how and why the repairs to the piers had to, and was, made should be directed to the department of public works.  It was a pleasure to take on such extensive and tough work in order to assure that Lake Geneva continues to offer the kind of quality equipment and positioning to support the huge body of tourists who visit the city and play on the lake every year.

Place of the Week

Lauren's Antiques, Delevan , WI

Lauren’s Antique & Art Centre in downtown Delavan offers three floors of fun. They have unique items you won’t find anywhere else.


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