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Why aren’t teachers getting hazard pay?
Why are the very under-paid substitute teachers, covering for the sick ones, not getting paid more? On average, substitute teachers make about $11-$12 an hour in Walworth County. That’s less than a manual laborer hired by the city to clear snow in the winter. There is a high demand for substitutes, with teachers panicked, and sometimes afraid to show any symptom of the virus at all because there’s nobody to replace them.

Schools all around Walworth County are closing in two-week intervals at an alarmingly increasing rate. The Lake Geneva school district has a handful of cases, with many classrooms under quarantine, and more expected. Williams Bay has also dealt with some Covid cases, recently shutting down its elementary school for two weeks. Sharon schools are finishing up a two-week school shut down later this week. Elkhorn has also dealt with some coronavirus (COVID-19) issues, shutting down the pre-K program for two weeks. With Covid cases on the rise, the remaining school year is an uncertainty for teachers, students, and families alike.

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