The Elegant Gentlemen.

At least that is what they are calling themselves among themselves, although Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators have bugged their breakfast lair. It would seem that there are indeed private thoughts and expressions being made about the Hillmoor property that nobody, outside of this small group of moneyed and powerful men, knows anything about. It would appear that representatives have been hired and dispatched to West Palm Beach, Florida, not to enjoy the weather, but to gain knowledge about a structure called the Kravis Performing Arts Center. It appears, with an architect hired locally, and representatives in Florida checking things out, that there might be a kernel or two of truth to the possibility of a real performing arts center coming to Lake Geneva.

This small august group of aging Geneva gentlemen felt that the old theater on Broad Street was way too small for such a grand effort. It would be a shame if the current plans for Hillmoor, if approved, served to assure that the east end of Lake Geneva never sees the building of such an attractive destination project.


The Lake Geneva Elegant Gentlemen


Here’s another ‘goody’ from the last Lake Geneva City Council Meeting, about the controversial TIF fund:



WHEREAS, the Common Council approved the 2016 Tax Increment District #4 Fund Budget for the City of Lake Geneva on November 16, 2015,

and WHEREAS, the anticipated TID #4 fund balance at December, 31, 2015 will have an approximate balance of $9,900,000 which will adequately fund the proposed projects along with the 2016 budgeted revenues, and WHEREAS, the Common Council, intends to pursue these specific TID #4 projects in 2016 and desires to appropriate budgetary funding for a total of $3,000,000, BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Common Council adopt this 2016 TID #4 Fund budget amendment which totals $9,000,000.00 as follows:

Adopted this 23rd day of November, 2015,

APPROVED: James R. Connors, Mayor

ATTEST: Sabrina Waswo, City Clerk

 34-30-00-5214 Administrative/Contingency    $200,000
 34-30-00-9118 Bury Overhead Utilities  $900,000
 34-30-00-1601 Traver Hotel Redevelopment Grant   $300,000
 34-30-00-1602 Theater Redevelopment Grant   $800,000
 34-30-00-1203 White River Trail Project    $400,000
 34-30-00-1206 Tree Planting       $100,000
 34-30-00-1603 Riviera Grounds Rehabilitation    $200,000
 34-30-00-1208 Signage Rehabilitation    $200,000
 34-30-00-5900 Jurisdiction Advance Refunding     $6,000,000
 34-30-00-4910 Application of Fund Balance  $6,400,000


Adopted this 23rd day of November, 2015

James R. Connor, Mayor

Nowhere does it say that the TIF is or should be closed because all the money has been allotted for projects, as dictated by state law.

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