A dagger stabbed through the heart of the .
Here is the most damning phrase of the new bylaws for the Lake Use Committee, as submitted by Mayor Jim Connor:
“Mission Statement to maintain the safe and uniform use of Geneva Lake now and in the future.”

This mission statement has been inserted into the bylaws to assure that no projects like the road reroute around BigFoot Beach (that failed) or the wedding banquet facility adjacent to the Geneva Inn (failed) will ever appear before the committee. Nothing not on the surface of the lake is to be considered for recommendations or actions. That is correct, nothing to be proposed or built at the water’s edge will get any attention from this now defunct body.

The Lake Use Committee was reformed after the old Lake Use Committee suffered the same fate: death by developers. These new bylaws also assure that no citizen appointees (half the committee) will ever serve as chairman. Sparky Lundberg, the current, (about to be fired) chairman, is a regular citizen and a courageous warrior devoted to keeping Geneva Lake as pristine as possible. So of course he has gotten under the pseudo conservation crowd’s skin, and therefore he’s out. He’ll no doubt be given a small plaque of gratitude, with a small piece of double stick tape, so he can wear it to future meetings on his forehead.

Real conservation of the lake has nothing to do with the ‘never to be written or discussed’ agenda of Lake Geneva’s dark forces. The names Dennis Jordan, Jim Connors, Dan Draper and Chuck Coleman are not to be mentioned without one’s light saber being out and ready. They don’t wear black helmets and capes, and they don’t speak in deadly mechanical whispers.

That would make the whole grand adventure way too easy.


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