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Fall got into the holiday spirit this year and dressed up as winter for Halloween. Ever since then a battle for control has begun, and it looks like winter is winning. Lake Geneva received several inches of snow on Halloween day and very cold temps that night froze every inch of it, creating a winter wonderland look. The frozen snow was covered in colored leaves by the next morning, with the sun and warmth trying to ease their way back in. The downtown trees are still decorated with corn stalks but are already being wrapped with tiny white lights for the winter holidays.

The Riviera Fountain, unfortunately, has continued to run, resulting in most of the basin being covered in a thick coating of ice. The weather doesn’t look like it will get close to fall temperatures again for more than a day or two. The rest of the week looks like the twenties and thirties are the warmest we are going to get, with more snow fluttering about. The holiday events coming later this month, and into the next couple, feel very appropriate now. Downtown Lake Geneva’s Holiday Window Display Competition starts November 15th. This is always a fun event as the business owners try to outdo each other with ever more ‘over the top’ Christmas window displays. Lake Geneva’s Holiday Open House and Shop Local are also great holiday kickoff events in Lake Geneva.  Food drives will be starting to help get the local food pantries full for those in need during the holidays, as well as many winter gear drives.

Let the Holidays begin!


The Geneva Shore Report seldom covers much in the way of sports, but sometimes it’s simply impossible to ignore some of what goes on, locally, statewide or nationally.
The Green Bay Packers are more than a local regional team representing a small geographic area. They are a national institution, and among the most popular sports teams across the nation. That does not need reporting on the part of the GSR. What does is what happened last Sunday. The team played Los Angeles and was beaten badly, but that fact (26 to 11 score) is overwhelmed after looking at a few statistics. The Packers, with a 7 and 1 win-loss record, scored 40 yards in the entire first half! How does this happen to a team with Aaron Rogers and the proven receivers and offensive line? The game went on, with Green Bay looking very much like it could not play and win against Elkhorn High School’s team. How is it that the heart went out of the Packers? Yes, the L.A. officials called constant penalties against the team but was that it, or is something deeper and much more cancerous the cause. Weirdly interesting turn of events for those of us who are rabid fans. “Potentially dark and scary turn.”


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