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As the City of Lake Geneva transitions from the summer tourism into the fall season, local area residents, especially non-City of Lake Geneva residents look forward to the free winter parking.

But when does it start? Even after searching the city’s website and the city’s ordinances available on the city’s website, the dates of the winter free parking could not be found. Being concerned that the city may have canceled the free winter parking, the city’s Parking Operations Manager, Sylvia Mullally was contacted by email early Monday morning. Within a half an hour after the city hall opened, a reply was received saying that the city’s website had been updated and now includes the winter free parking dates. This fast response by Sylvia Mullaly was greatly appreciated and reflects the responsiveness and efficiency of how this wonderful woman, an asset to the City of Lake Geneva manages the city’s parking operation.

The following information was copied from the city’s website.

“Free parking in the City of Lake Geneva begins November 15, 2018, to February 28, 2019.  Please note, overnight parking is prohibited.

In a subsequent email, Parking Queen Mullaly added that she will also be adding a disclaimer on the dates because the council may change to a year-round parking program (in the future). That comment gives support to the original concern by many residents that, at some point in the denied future, the city council will cancel the free winter parking program altogether. Now that will be a cold winter.

Boxed and Burlap Progress

Boxed and Burlap

Working on getting the kinks out, Boxed and Burlap coffee shop’s second location waits patiently to open inside the Stinebrink’s Piggly Wiggly.

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