Living life on a part-time rental basis.
It’s called AIRBNB. That’s a company. Much like the Uber Company, but dedicated to taking business from the hotel and motel industry instead of taxi and limo. Airbnb is the sales organization that most people use when they divide up their home and then rent out bedrooms to visitors. This is happening all over the high traffic tourist industries of the world. As hotels and motels have gotten more expensive through the years, this new industry has sprung up to compete. The rental of bedrooms, bathrooms and jointly used kitchens is much more economical for renters staying in these places if they have family or friends with them.

The problems that have sprung up for the communities where these split-up homes are allowed have become monumental, however. Lake Geneva is one of them. Neighborhoods become weighted down with parking all over the place. Airbnb is a sales company and does not stand behind the people renting and does not cover fraud or misrepresentations by supposed or even real owners of the homes. You are on your own, though, if you show up at the home and the residents have never heard of you.

Lake Geneva Love Affair

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