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In the past couple of years, the Holy Communion Church on Broad Street has frequently been in the news.
The primary reason is its history. The church was built in 1882 and its impressive church organ arrived in 1883. The beautiful Hook and Hastings Tracker Pipe Organ recently went in to be restored. The church held many well-attended organ concerts as fundraisers. In honor of the organ’s return, the church received a recent award from the Organ Historical Society. Needless to say, a celebratory concert is a must. The Award Concert is being held this Sunday, November 3rd, at 5 p.m., with a reception to follow. Any questions should be directed to 262-248-3522.

Hook and Hastings Tracker Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ Holy Communion Church Lake Geneva

The 1883 Pipe Organ at the Holy Communion Church has brought joy to its listeners for many years and is returning from getting the maintenance and repairs it needs so it can be enjoyed for many more years.


There are no new parking rates in Lake Geneva. As of YET.
Sylvia, the parking queen of Lake Geneva, proposed a number of improvements to the current parking system. In fact, she recommended the replacement of that system with an improved and more customer-friendly version. She also presented the possibility that the city might move to increase the rate to three dollars an hour for the premium spaces downtown and then bring the other spaces up to two dollars. It’s not like the city does not need the money, what with the Riviera rebuild. But, unlike some published stories about her presentation before the council and concerned citizens at the Meeting of the Whole two weeks ago, nobody voted to do anything or was asked to vote to do anything. Consideration is ongoing. Nothing has to be done immediately simply because the parking ‘season’ is all but over, with the coming of the winter. What parking there will be from now until spring of next year will be sparse and of the mostly non-premium variety.


Speaking of parking rates.
Fontana. Paying for parking is a nuisance, paying too much is an irritant. Remember, “Pleasing the tourist is the only tourist attraction that any resort area has.” The city’s common council needs to carefully consider the impact of parking rates on tourists, and not just an increase in revenue before raising parking rates again, because each increase, increases the number of people it will irritate and possibly drive away.
Question: Why did Fontana eliminate all its parking meters?

To recap the kiosk’s history, in 2012 the city spent almost a million dollars of TIF #4 revenue to purchase the kiosk parking system, which by rights the city should have paid the money back to TIF with the revenue that it generated, but has never done. The kiosk parking system costs more to run than the old coin system so to break even the 50 cents/hr. the rate had to be increased to $1.00/hr., which has since been raised to $2.00/hr. in the downtown area, with the city considering raising the downtown parking rate to $3.00/hr. The city is considering spending $500,000 to make paid parking kiosks year-round. The 5-hour parking limit is said to increase turnover in parking to create more store sales, but its real purpose is that turn over in parking creates double payment when one leaves the parking stall with paid time on the meter and the next person pays for the same time. Studies have shown that as high as 20% of parking revenues can be from that double payment for overlapping time.

The upside to increasing parking rates is an increase in revenue, just like increasing beach rates. The downside is the more you charge for the same product, the fewer people will use it. Fewer go swimming and fewer people will park in town, of which non-resident local area people were the first to quit coming to the downtown. If one’s goal is to make money, then increasing parking rates, room rents, store, rentals, etc. until there are a few empty spaces maximizes revenue.

That is why there will always be empty stores in town, but those empty stores hurt the other stores and if the city continues to raise parking rates it will do the same thing. Paying for parking is a nuisance, paying too much is irritating. Remember, “Pleasing the tourist is the only tourist attraction that any resort area has.”  


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