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No nepotistic city employment or service.
The article that was written last week was about elected officials serving on the city council while a spouse or other family member works for the city, and is therefore under the direct authority of the mayor. Cindy Flower’s situation, with her husband working for the city, was not an intended target of any action. Anything that might be enacted to prevent such situations happening in the future would not include current situations that might fit that mold. The city already has, in its handbook for employees, rules, and restrictions about employees of a family working for other family members in superior positions, but that rule does not deal with elected officials. The handbook needs to be modified by ordinance for future Lake Geneva service in every area.


Happy Halloween!
There are still more fun events coming to celebrate the holiday.
On Wednesday, October 30th, the Elkhorn Area High School will offer fun indoor activities and trick or treating for the kids from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The student council will host a variety of games, activities, trick or treating, a movie, food, a haunted house and much more. It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween without having to bundle up for the cold and possibly snowy weather to come.
On Thursday, October 31st, many communities will be having trick or treating.
Lake Geneva had trick or treating this past Sunday and had a beautiful fall day to enhance all the fun and showcase the costumes.
However, Avant on Broad St. in Lake Geneva will be hosting a “Trike or Treat” event at 5 p.m. Kids and their parents can enjoy walking and riding from Avant to the Fire House on Marshall St. On the trip back they can engage in trick or treating and other surprises from Cornerstone, Clear Water Outdoor and Frank’s.
It should be a great way for families to celebrate Halloween together.

Happy Trick or Treating from the Geneva Lake Museum

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