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Lake Geneva’s commercial buoy and slip leases.
The waiting list for Lake Geneva’s buoy and boat slip rentals is long, with many people waiting on the list for years. At the time of this issue, the actual current renter’s list is still being questioned. As a result, the new harbor-master is hard at work verifying the qualifying processes for the slips and buoys. The waiting list issue came up at the last piers, harbor and lakefront meeting when a discussion arose regarding the commercial buoy and boat slip agreement between the city and Gage Marine, Lake Geneva Boat Line, and Marine Bay Boat Rental and their renewals.

The question: “why is the city leasing boat slips but then overlooking any sub-leasing that may be going on when the city has such a long waiting list?” Gage Marine has ten slips and four buoys (which are alleged by some to be sub-leased for the season). Gage Marine also has the lengthiest lease with the city. The word ‘untouchable’ comes to mind when talking about the Gage Cruise Line. Many members of the general public feel uncomfortable about this, and perhaps Gage does too. Elmer’s Boat Line has four slips (which are rented as parking spaces by the hour, day, and occasionally by the week), and ten buoys (these are used for their own business and rentals). Then there is the quiet Marina Bay Boat Rental with ten buoys in their lease agreement. Current renewals for the next season were not granted, and the issue was tabled. It is being looked into and will be added to the agenda for the next piers, harbor, and lakefront meeting. Time will tell.


Lake Geneva will be borrowing a little over 1.5 million dollars to cover the balance due for the Riviera pier complex.
This beloved landmark has suffered from a lack of attention that now must be performed in order to save it. Monday night’s special city council meeting was all about the approval of the roof replacement and shell trades. Renaissance Roofing was approved, despite not being the lowest bid, to replace the Riviera roof at a cost to the city of $787,829.00 which includes removal of the gutters, supervision, project requirements, scaffolding, and allowance for incidental trades. Ackman Glass and Shower was selected and approved for the glass and glazing portion of the project. The glass cost of $799,864.00 will include the steel sash windows, enlarging of the first-floor windows, replacement of first floor doors and all equipment and incidentals. The tuckpointing was approved to be done by Masonry Restoration Inc. which includes mobilization, tuckpointing of up to 20% of the entire building, washing of the entire brick exterior, balcony repairs, brick

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