Letters to the Editor


Dear Mayor Tom Hartz:

Please explain why you are afraid of the public voicing concerns over this land? I would like to thank the three council members who are trying to do what the PEOPLE WANT AND THE RIGHT THING! Shari Straube has recently spoken out against hiring Vandewalle to develop the concept plan. Thanks so much! John Halverson voted against the concept plan for developing Hillmoor during the September 9th city council meeting. Thanks, John! Tim Dunn voted against the concept plan for developing Hillmoor during the September 9th city council meeting and again on October 7. Thanks, Tim, for standing up for what’s right! The rest of you…something smells here!

Why hiding behind secret meetings and canceling this event a few days before? We the people who elected you want you to listen to what we want! Spending $30,000 on this is not what we want! We do not want our tax money to be used to fund this ridiculous study! Please have an open forum, as promised and planned, and stop hiding!

Tracy H. Lake Geneva resident


Mayor Tom Hartz response to Tracy


Thank you for your note.

I appreciate hearing from everyone, whether there is dissent or not. As such, I don’t believe that attributing something corrupt to those with whom you disagree forwards the discussion or leads to the possibility of compromise. It just shuts down all conversation. The open house was canceled because the Concept Plan options were not going to be completed by that date. The planners lost time when we reconsidered the original vote. To present incomplete information would be a waste of time for everyone. I am not afraid of hearing from the public. I attended every workshop and listening session. I have listened to everyone who has stopped me to express their opinion. I attended both of the Tuesday at 2 presentations about the history of Hillmoor. I hope that I hear from everyone. I know what the Friends of Hillmoor would like. On that issue, I am very clear.  I believe that by considering as many options as we can, the Plan Commission and Council will be making decisions based on more information rather than less. The point of creating the concept plans is to define more specifically what it is that is best for the city, considering as much information as we can. That will produce the most realistic and responsive plan.-

Thank you again for making us aware of your concerns.-

Tom Hartz, mayor of Lake Geneva

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