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The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency’s (GLEA) survey of the Geneva Lake found that the new invasive Starry Stonewort species was isolated to one location in the Trinket Estates area. This favorable result was good news in that it appears that Starry Stone Wort algae have not spread to other areas, and therefore it may be possible to eradicate it from the lake. Trinke Estates has indicated a willingness to help share some of the costs to eradicate the Starry Stonewort.

In another lake issue, an aerial view of Geneva Lake showed that the brown ooze seeping into the lake around Buttons Bay extends inland much further than previously thought before it is dispersed by running out into the lake. In an effort to find and identify the source of the brown material oozing into the lake, GLEA is working with Badger High School to see about obtaining a grant for a student project to determine the source of the brown ooze.

Should Trinke Estates be caused to close their small private lagoon for the good of one and all? Good question!

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