The Bright Side

The operating cost of public safety in the City of Lake Geneva is $5,122,181.
That includes $448,758 in related equipment replacement and capital projects for public safety. The five million plus cost is more than half of the City of Lake Geneva’s annual budget, and that is also more than all of the city’s property taxes. With the city spending the five million plus for public safety, how much does it really cost residents? The city has many sources of revenue, and most city revenues are put into the general fund. This practice maintains accountability of spending, but there is no direct traceability from revenue source to expenditures. Therefore, there can only be an estimate of the actual cost to residents, which is based on the residents’ portion of budget revenue and the public safety portion of the expenditures. The estimated average cost to the City of Lake Geneva residents for Public Safety, which includes police, fire, and emergency medical service, is between one or two dollars per day per household. So, despite the five-million-dollar cost for a small city of 7,821, the actual cost burden paid by residents is only a fraction of that actual cost, because a significant percentage of the city’s revenue comes from non-resident sources.   Incidentally, the cost of public safety alone in Lake Geneva is greater than Elkhorn’s entire budget and Elkhorn is one and half times bigger!


You may have seen the slightly humorous commercial for Aspen Dental, and the dentists they employ, to provide affordable dentures. If you are the one needing dentures you may take the commercial seriously and not find their ads a bit humorous.  Lake Geneva will soon have its own Aspen Dental offering very affordable dentures.  This very popular and successful dental office is located in the multi-unit complex next to Starbuck’s, off of Edwards Blvd. and will open on Thursday, November 1st of this year.

Home Depot Meet & Greet

Home Depot Lake Geneva

Home Depot, on Edwards Boulevard, is more than a large hardware chain store. The people there have a heart, and a sense of community. Bring the kids this Saturday, November 3rd, 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. for the Fire Safety demo and “meet and greet” with police officers and firefighters.

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